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Search results

  1. steds

    ***Official*** English Football Season 2017/18

    Proper challenge. Almost like something in a real sport.
  2. steds

    Road to 2019 World Cup (India)

    Nah. There's definitely more ****s on here than 10.
  3. steds

    Guess the cricketer from the picture clues

    Why does that silhouette have ribbons extending from his nipples?
  4. steds

    It's Tough Being Me - The Kevin Pietersen Story

    What an absolute joke.
  5. steds

    **Official** Big Bash League 2013/14

    So when's this Muirhead **** gonna get a bowl?
  6. steds

    Matt Prior saves man from jumping off Sydney Bridge

    If the bloke was going to voluntarily jump, is it really saving him? For all we know, all that's happened is that poor guy has been tricked into extending the misery that made him want to jump in the first place. Matt Prior. What a bastard. :ph34r:
  7. steds

    England's Problems (Potential answers?)

    England have one problem. Or four, depending on how you look at it. Bairstow, Ballance, Bresnan and Root. The side has been terminally weakened by Yorkshire players. The only two other times in the last 50 years that England played more than 3 Yorkshire players in an Ashes series - 02/03...
  8. steds

    *Official* Fifth Test at the SCG

    It is with my lass. Trust me
  9. steds

    *Official* Fifth Test at the SCG

    Watching Lyon bowl is better than ***
  10. steds

    *Official* Fifth Test at the SCG

    Well **** me. We made it to lunch
  11. steds

    *Official* Fifth Test at the SCG

    Only managed about 7 minutes. Young lads showing naivety
  12. steds

    *Official* Fifth Test at the SCG

    Gonna try and drag this stoppage out for 2 days
  13. steds

    *Official* Fifth Test at the SCG

    Textbook, wasn't it?
  14. steds

    Best Chinaman bowlers in Test Cricket

    As if there's been 27 posts in this thread and not one mention of Dave Mohammed. Sort it out.
  15. steds

    Masterly Batting now available

    Masterly batting now available? Can the England team get a dose?
  16. steds

    English summer 2014 test team

    After this session, I half want us to just fill the side with gun fielders. Bell to open. Troughton, Morgan, Bairstow and Steven Croft in the middle order. Foster keeping. Rikki Clarke in as 3rd seamer. Etc. **** batting and bowling. I've just had my fill of drops and misfields.
  17. steds

    *Official* Fourth Test at the MCG

    Rogers is so lucky. More than made up for that Swann full toss by now.
  18. steds

    English summer 2014 test team

    Option 1, but with somebody (possibly Jordan) instead of Onions. That tail would be a train wreck.