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Search results

  1. kears_falcon_9

    *Official* NP Cricket Simulator: Updated Version (16-04-2020)

    Neil is this game still in any form of development? What you consider releasing the source code? What language was it written in? Cheers
  2. kears_falcon_9

    Who is still interested?

    Have been away from the forums for 18 months... Would possibly be keen to get back into this, any spots up for grabs? How does this work compared to the old?
  3. kears_falcon_9

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    Run it in Windows XP mode?
  4. kears_falcon_9

    *Official* CW XI Media Coverage

    Solid looking, happy to have made the 30.
  5. kears_falcon_9

    *Official* Team Naming Thread

    Made it to the subs bench 8-)
  6. kears_falcon_9

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    Quality again from the Reds, great stuff, really hitting the ball sweetly at the moment. Dinnen also looking a million bucks, if we can get Dauth firing in the longer version of the game we will be a very dangerous side come the pointy end of the season.
  7. kears_falcon_9

    The Red Thread

    Agree with you there Clapo, should've won. But things are looking up thats for sure, still life left in us yet!
  8. kears_falcon_9

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    Werid game vs Greenies, :O at Clapo's figures, seems the boys liked what they saw :( Happy with another ton, great to see Hakon back in form.
  9. kears_falcon_9

    *Official* England in Cricketweb Land February/March 2010

    Little bit dissapointed to miss selection in the A team, secretly hoping i purely skipped over the A Team and straight into the XI :) Good looking side though, good luck lads.
  10. kears_falcon_9

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    Fair call, havnt updated since last season, and only just started adding in this years stats, so yer looks like ive missed the off season.
  11. kears_falcon_9

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    Another dissapointing and dull match from the Reds :( Happy to top score in both digs, but things just arent clicking this season in the Red camp. EDIT: Was actually my 200th FC Game, pretty happy with that effort, one of the old boys now :)
  12. kears_falcon_9

    The Red Thread

    Time to mix things up with the bowling then Clapo... Part times if we have to, possible get the rookies in with the new pill...
  13. kears_falcon_9

    The Red Thread

    Indeed, FC season still has life i think, but hopefully im wrong in saying that our OD unit is really going to struggle this year. Too much reliance on big Robbie Dauth
  14. kears_falcon_9

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    Ouch, Red's really struggling in the OD arena... Work to be done :(
  15. kears_falcon_9

    The Red Thread

    Thanks Clapo :) Agreed Dinnen and Heads have been standouts so far this season, but would like to think i've contributed, especially in the 2nd innings' Good win though lads, keep it up.
  16. kears_falcon_9

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    Awesome win by the reds there, delighted with my form, especially the 2nd dig. Watt and West gun!
  17. kears_falcon_9

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    Ouch... Good to get a ton in the 2nd dig, but top order failing pretty often at the moment. Heads and Dinnen looking pretty solid in the middle order though.
  18. kears_falcon_9

    Captains - Nominate Grade Players

    Still not 100% sure on the restrictions there, for example I've played both Test and ODI, yet over the past few seasons my OD batting has declined pretty rapidly and as such cant even get a game in the OD arena for Reds (not consistantly anyway). Not disagreeing with your concept Simon, just...