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Search results

  1. marc71178

    Imran v Hadlee v Miller

    Averaging over 45 sounds good till you realise that in 25 Tests he scored 1176 runs - hardly a heavy workload. Imran rarely, if ever put together a series where he had to put in a considerable effort with the bat whilst also having a considerable workload with the ball - it was either one or...
  2. marc71178

    Imran v Hadlee v Miller

    All rounders need to perform with the bat and the ball at the same time - something Imran most definitely did not do.
  3. marc71178

    *Official* West Indies Tour of England 2020

    Not sure which Bess, Broad and Archer you’ve seen batting if you think they’re a decent 8, 9, 10, the latter 2 especially.
  4. marc71178

    Draft idea - bid for position

    I am looking at the trade off and to me the decrease in ability is not worth the intangible of variation.
  5. marc71178

    Draft idea - bid for position

    Whichever of the 3 you replace with Wasim it is a step down in ability though and Marshall at 9 is hardly a bad selection.
  6. marc71178

    *Official* West Indies Tour of England 2020

    Not being good enough should've been enough to rule him out.
  7. marc71178

    Best player most people don't know about?

    So both were correct then? :ph34r:
  8. marc71178

    How G is an ATG?

    He had more than just that one ATG series.
  9. marc71178

    What made the mid-1980s Indian ODI team so good?

    As what? That screams bits and pieces to me.
  10. marc71178

    ***Official*** English Football Season 2019-20

    Was reading a BBC article previewing the quarter final where it was mentioned that they were bottom but "the best team ever to be bottom". When I clicked the link to see who'd described them as that, turns out it was the renowned pundit Chris Sutton.
  11. marc71178

    [Voting Thread] ODI Debut Chronology draft

    I'd say that one thing Stokes and Flintoff can't do is go big from ball one.
  12. marc71178

    ***Official*** English Football Season 2019-20

    Means we need a new line to put in the opening post of the 2020/21 season thread. Any suggestions?
  13. marc71178

    The ATG Teams General arguing/discussing thread

    Interesting how that similar argument is dismissed when people talk about not judging Anderson or Broad when he was picked too early.
  14. marc71178

    nathan bracken was a better odi bowler than brett lee

    Except for all the times when he didn't even bowl at all, not even as a 6th bowler that is. If a normal team doesn't regularly use someone as a bowler, then how does he become a legitimate option at a level above that?
  15. marc71178

    nathan bracken was a better odi bowler than brett lee

    An opinion not shared by his many captains...
  16. marc71178

    How good would this Test XI be??

    Tell us more about his success opening the batting...
  17. marc71178

    ODI Debut Chronology draft

    Would definitely look at swapping your order around. Mushfiqur at 4 feels very out of place with those 3 after him. Drop him to 7.
  18. marc71178

    How good would this Test XI be??

    Just because someone was a frontline keeper doesn’t mean they were actually a good keeper...
  19. marc71178

    [Not so] Huge statistical analysis on greatest ODI batsman and bowlers ranked

    It’ll be interesting to see how much Rashid Khan drops if he starts playing against the better sides.
  20. marc71178

    Cricket stuff that doesn't deserve its own thread

    Broad in one of his spells when he’s on fire? 8-15?