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Search results

  1. M

    Official Friendlies

    Tell me your msn and I will send over all the neccessary files...:)
  2. M

    Im leaving...

    I've decided that I will leave WCC...it's been pretty good, but i've decided that i've had enough... You might see me around a few times from now on, but essentially i'm finished with cricketweb... Frankly i'd prefer a current manager to get Somerset, preferably a good, active one, so if...
  3. M

    One Day International Series - Game 2

    South Africa K Andrews J Arlott A Tweedie R Llewellyn (c) S Cook O Snow (wk) A Halse J Hamblin E Tate I Nelson C Langeveldt
  4. M

    Season 7 Pitch Conditions Thread

    I've decided im changing Somersets pitch conditions from: 10 - 1 - 10 to 7 - 1 - 7
  5. M

    Season 7 First XI's Thread

    Somerset First XI's FC First XI C Donald O Cardew H Midlane F Drinkell J Godwin W Jaffer L Vincent A Robben I Mooney T Binny D Prasad Keeper: L Vincent Captain: C Donald OD First XI H Midlane C Donald J Godwin J Beasley S Elahi E Hawking J Hamblin D Kenway R Dhamika T Binny I Mooney...
  6. M

    Season 7 Pitch Conditions Thread

    Somerset Pitch Conditions Pace - 10 Movement - 1 Turn - 10
  7. M

    One Day International Series - Game 1

    South Africa K Andrews J Arlott A Tweedie R Llewellyn (c) S Cook O Snow (wk) A Halse J Hamblin E Tate I Nelson C Langeveldt
  8. M

    Website Help Needed

    I'll help if I get time...
  9. M

    **Season 7 Press Releases!!!**

    I just e-mailed it through again
  10. M

    **Season 7 Press Releases!!!**

    You still up for those friendlies Slats? Has the e-mail got to you yet?
  11. M

    Simon's season 7 predicitons

    Just a couple of predictions... - Warwicks will finish at least 2nd in D1 - TN will finish outside the top 3 in FC, but win OD - ND will get promoted - NSW will fail again - Somerset will win most FC games and most OD games... - Guyana will fulfill their promise, finally
  12. M

    **Season 7 Press Releases!!!**

    Couple of questions.... Only first teams, yeah? And can I name different teams for each game?
  13. M

    Trade Discussion Thread

    40 - 40 for 35 - 49 is hardly unfair
  14. M

    **Season 7 Press Releases!!!**

    I actually wouldn't mind playing some friendlies, so if someone wants to play Somerset....say so?
  15. M

    Trade Discussion Thread

    Im looking to get rid of J Beasley (Batting averages of 35 FC and 49 OD). If you are willing to trade a batsman of about 40+ in both forms for him...tell me
  16. M

    **Season 7 Press Releases!!!**

    Well said.
  17. M

    **Season 7 Press Releases!!!**

    We're going to be a very close match-up again Blewy...but this time I want to beat you...I keep coming 2nd...:@
  18. M

    Important Discussion

    Thats a good point, would be unrealistic if players got injured in game 1, then were allowed to play...
  19. M

    **Season 7 Press Releases!!!**

    Sorry Ian...don't think so... Somersets FC team will look something like this for Season 7 1/ C Donald (Bat Avg 49.4) 2/ H Midlane (Bat Avg 50.8) 3/ O Cardew (Bat Avg 50.9) 4/ J Godwin (Bat Avg 53.5) 5/ F Drinkell (Bat Avg 52.6) 6/ W Jaffer (Bat Avg 49.91) 7/ L Vincent (Keeper, Bat Avg 37.45)...
  20. M

    WCC Test Series 3rd Test Submission Thread

    South Africa JP Duminy T Orton J Godwin F Funston R Llewellyn* A Clissitt A Halse P Pothas + E Tate I Nelson B Matthie Duminy comes in for Bent (as was discussed must've been a confusion)