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    *Official * Pakistan vs New Zealand 2023

    This is a classic odi position. Tgus is why it's the best form of cricket.
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    *Official * Pakistan vs New Zealand 2023

    Seems harsh. Blundels always been top notch keeper to my casual eye
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    *Official * Pakistan vs New Zealand 2023

    Is it fair to say Henry feels like a new Kyle Mills? Or am I just being nostalgic.
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    *Official* New Zealand in England 2021

    It hasn't been great so far for me.
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    2nd June - Group A - Australia v New Zealand

    on a flat pitch it is for sure. A seamer tougth batting consituons increase the realativw effectiveness of the kiwi top order.
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    ***Official*** Pakistan in New Zealand 2016/17

    I'm a tad excited about Astle ftr. Always thought he was a tad hard done by to play one test - Which I think NZ won - and then effectively got replaced as second spinner/leg spinner by Ish Sodhi. he went back to domestics and has been consistently the best performing spinner since but was always...
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    'No toss' option rule at Test level..

    I prefer the idea that if you win the toss of the first match of the series you get the option of choosing to bat/bowl and your opponent choosing for the 2nd test, or giving that choice to your opponent so you can decide for the second. Its not home advantage or a toss advantage that bothers...
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    ***Official*** New Zealand in India 2016

    Team wise that really convenient. Can play 3 spinners and the two top performing pacers without droping the supposed 'attack leader' hope they bring in a deserving bat to replace him.
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    ***Official*** New Zealand in India 2016

    Supposed NZ XI today if http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/live-cricket-score-mumbai-vs-new-zealand-warm-up-match-live-*********-video-scorecard-highlights-3033704/ can be trusted: NZ XI: Latham, Guptill, Williamson, Taylor, Nicholls, Watling, Santner, Craig, Sodhi, Wagner, Boult...
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    ***Official*** New Zealand tour of Zimbabwe and South Africa 2016

    Yeah doesn't seem smart at the moment. Did he give any explanation for the decision?
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    ***Official*** New Zealand tour of Zimbabwe and South Africa 2016

    Ha, I just made that same comparison to a mate earlier.
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    ***Official*** New Zealand tour of Zimbabwe and South Africa 2016

    Been waiting for this game! My South African work college told me weather delays are unlikely, so given that both team batting is probably gonna be a bit flimsy (SA due to inexperience & form, NZ due to being in South Africa and Dale Steyn) I think its safe to expect two result matches. I'm...
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    **Official** New Zealand in Australia 2015

    Yep, 31/01/1991 Jones Averaged 49.32 and Crowe 48.25. Crowes highest average at any point in his Career, so I'm guessing thats the best baring any pair who have just had good debut's.
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    **Official** New Zealand in Australia 2015

    Maybe if you put in a minimum number of tests. Remember Skippy Sinclair would have averaged 200 by himself once upon a time.
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    **Official** New Zealand in Australia 2015

    AH the old change the ball trick. Been a while since they've used that one.
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    Cricketweb decides the greatest bowler ever in a 64 player bracket. Contest thread.

    Hadlee Ambrose Marshall Murali That's probably who I'd pick in MY ATG 11 so not a bad final four.
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    **Official** New Zealand in Australia 2015

    Cricket Australia Report says he left the field 'Feeling unwell' So not injured at least. WATCH: NZ toil hard in warm-up game | cricket.com.au
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    ***Official*** New Zealand in Zimbabwe and South Africa 2015

    Yeah, Latham has never once lost NZ a match by batting to slow. He has batted slow and failed to single handedly win matches, sure, but you can't lay a loss at his door. When you can, complain about strike rate then. Latham is an awesome prospect to have as a reserve opener. Classy batsman with...