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Search results

  1. David

    Avatar Bets

  2. David

    Office of the Stats Keeper

    Awesome. (y)
  3. David

    #Link to Testing Forum#

    Don't think I didn't notice... What a Guy
  4. David

    Week 11-12: Indian Wells [Oxenstierna]

    Through to the main draw...? What magic is this?
  5. David

    Davis Cup II

    Phew. Excellent work guys.
  6. David

    Weeks 10-14: Challengers & Masters Series Qualifying

    W10 Davis Cup W11+ Drake. Really about it.
  7. David

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    Any particular reason Trav?
  8. David

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    Excellent news.
  9. David


  10. David

    Hockey World Cup - 2010 - India

    Personally glad they ditched the offside rule, makes the game far better imo. Great to watch too. As for being a non contact sport, being taken out by an opposition goalie is decidedly contact, and I certainly wasn't thinking it was girls sport when our fullback was hospitalised after the...
  11. David

    Postcounts - 2010

    So I was at the WACA and my mates and I were discussing various novelty XI's, it was considerably harder at times than you think. So, there you go.
  12. David

    *Official* Team Naming Thread

    Mørk+ Luff Dauth -7 Kearsley Robbins Jr - 5 Dinnen -5 Heads Bennett -4 Clapham -3 Kennett* -1 Raghav -2 12th: Rapp (Bat) 13th: Ames/Watt (Spin/Pace) Couple of changes... Rapp unlucky to miss out, but Robbins yet to get a game. Raghav making his much awaited FC debut this season. Do not disappoint!
  13. David

    *Official* Grade Season XV

    Mid table is an all out war. Darters coming on strongly, stoked to see! Bochat and Burridge dominant last game. (y)
  14. David

    *Official* England in Cricketweb Land February/March 2010

    Perhaps, although I can't deny I've been pleased with my test performances of late. I don't think our bowling is the problem however. :ph34r: I have to admit is was charming back in the day, each victory was that much sweeter.