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Search results

  1. nick-o

    Official Rugby Thread

    Release your inner Welshman (i.e., bore us with the long story) :)
  2. nick-o

    *Official* England in India 2023/24 #CryMoreTour

    A chasuble, of course, is a sleeveless outer vestment worn by the officiating priest at a mass. I'm not sure if England brought a priest -- they brought a cook, so it's possible -- but maybe they can make do with getting someone to wear the vestment???
  3. nick-o

    *Official* England in India 2023/24 #CryMoreTour

    You should move on to Ball Comparisons for your threads, once you've run out of random players.
  4. nick-o

    Ricky Ponting in tests

    a priori
  5. nick-o

    Was that one of the greatest celebrations and moments of ecstasy ever?

    Seems a bit expensive. Still, if you really need to hire people to cheer for you, I guess you've got to be prepared to pay up. They hire mourners for funerals as well, don't they? Is it the same people?
  6. nick-o

    ***Official***THE FINAL- India vs Australia - November 19th - Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad (D/N)

    Guess right now Steve Smith is thinking "If only I'd reviewed that, I'd probably have scored an unbeaten ton to single-handedly win a WC final and cement my legend." shame, really.
  7. nick-o

    It's going to happen today!

    A worthy winner, if that's the case. I wonder what world we would be living in if we ever reached 10,000,000? But it's too scary to think about, really.
  8. nick-o

    It's going to happen today!

    Forum statistics Threads 63,028 Posts 5,000,002 think it was honestbharani, so, yeah, an OS multi
  9. nick-o

    It's going to happen today!

    Forum statistics Threads 63,027 Posts 4,999,991 close as we're gonna get, I guess
  10. nick-o

    It's going to happen today!

    So it only updates every ten minutes, which means we won't actually see it in real time. It takes me back to being a little kid back in the sixties watching the odometer in my dad's car waiting for all the digits to move over.
  11. nick-o

    It's going to happen today!

    Forum statistics Threads 63,025 Posts 4,999,867 Who will be #5,000,000 ?
  12. nick-o

    *Official* England V Ireland ODI series

    I have a hazy memory of the name Trubshaw that also feels like it comes from that genre.
  13. nick-o

    *Official* Ireland ODI tour Of England : Sep 2023

    So, can they be merged?
  14. nick-o

    *Official* Ireland ODI tour Of England : Sep 2023

    Why are there two threads for this?
  15. nick-o

    Pool C - Wales, Australia, Fiji, Georgia, Portugal

    Sorry to barge in, guys, but before we forget, Well played Wales!
  16. nick-o

    *Official* England V Ireland ODI series

    "Scrimshaw" is such a magnificently English name
  17. nick-o

    *Official* Asia Cup 2023

    The beauty is that they were never on 5/0 -- they went from 4/0 to 6/0 with a two. So even his updates are wrong.
  18. nick-o

    Which Decade Saw the Best Players Debut?

    Which decade have you considered Lillee to belong to? (Debut in 1970: some people would say 60s, others 70s?) and who is selected above him?
  19. nick-o

    What were the periods when each of the regular test teams were minnow level?

    Some years back, @Days of Grace posted a massive excel file of his historical test team ratings. (here: http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/threads/dogs-top-100-test-bowlers-countdown-thread-100-1.78907/#post-4089328) DoG has probably tweaked the calculation since then, and it stops at 2018, but...
  20. nick-o

    Heath Streak Cancer Struggle

    It's kinda off topic now, but just to reinforce what HDS said: get tested. I've had two bouts of colon cancer in the last decade. The first time it was picked up early because Japan offers free cancer scans for everyone above a certain age (I guess 50 and above, or maybe 55?) and radiation...