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    Help! Glue Residue on Cricket Bat!

    Can we be serious? I've been trying to use sandpaper, but it's too tough. I'm a youth cricketer, and have a selection match next weekend. Any actual advice?
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    Help! Glue Residue on Cricket Bat!

    I tried using sandpaper, but it still just wouldn't come off. I live in America, so getting it repaired professionally isn't an option either. I'll have to try the sandpaper again later today, I'll be back with the results.
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    Help! Glue Residue on Cricket Bat!

    Hi all, Recently, I tried removing an anti scuff sheet from my bat. I followed procedure and warmed up the glue on the sheet with a hairdryer. I then peeled it off, but to my surprise, it left a thick residue of glue! After a while of sanding and trying other things like acetone, I retired for...