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Search results

  1. haroon510

    Afghanistan Hear After?

    No xuhaib how bout u kissing the fatest part of my ass.. I am tired of this ****.. I am tired of talking about politics.. And i can't believe i have been doing this in a cricket forum..i avoided political forums.. Cuz i hate this ****.. As some of you may notice.. I personally never took any...
  2. haroon510

    Afghanistan Hear After?

    i know i have said that i am not going to discuss politics here but.. i just can't stand this.. i mean i don't give a fuk whether i get ban now.. because i feeel i could care less now... I would like to know what kind of ordeal u faced from us afghans that you created this kind of hatred...
  3. haroon510

    Afghanistan Hear After?

    I have alot to say here.. but i will be the better person ignore it and let it go and i will request fo you all to stay with cricket.... this topic is about afghan cricket team and i will do my best to keep it politics free.. it is just pitty...that we have been the victim from both side...
  4. haroon510

    Afghanistan Hear After?

    At least that "narcotic state" doesn't make Terrorist..unlike her neighboring country.. you know a little support could do wonder and considering that i have always supported you guys knowing that your country's politicians are responsible for everything that is going on on that "norcotic...
  5. haroon510

    ***Official***World Cup 2011 Qualifiers

    All right afghans got ODI status at least.. I am kinda happy although i won't see them in world cup but it is cool.. there are chancess that i might see them play against pakistan, india or Bang sooner... Congrats to afghans..
  6. haroon510

    ***Official***World Cup 2011 Qualifiers

    i feel the same way bout my team afghanistan.. i am still cofuse.. lets say all those things happen afghanistan win the next match.. they are going to get one day statues or play in world cup? a very very big chance for afghans.. i can't believe they blow it..i don't wana wait for the next...
  7. haroon510

    ***Official***World Cup 2011 Qualifiers

    So what now for afghans? out of tournment.. could they get one day statues at least..
  8. haroon510

    ***Official***World Cup 2011 Qualifiers

    i am glad to see afghanistan coming back in the winning side... i am optimistic here... as someone told me here.. if afghans win two more matches.. they will be in the world cup.. so that is what i am shooting for... i am not expecting to see them win this tournment.. but at least a couple of...
  9. haroon510

    ***Official***World Cup 2011 Qualifiers

    wow... there is some hope.. but the way they are losing.. i am not sure if they are going to win any matches from here on.. soo dissappointing lol
  10. haroon510

    ***Official***World Cup 2011 Qualifiers

    So wat now.. afghans are out of the tournment?
  11. haroon510

    Ricky Ponting's current form

    What do you guys think of Ricky Pointing's current poor form? Do you guys think he is in the verge of decline.. he has been in poor form since 07 in test and since last year in ODI here is some numbers ODI numbers 2009 so far averaging only 27 in 11 ODIs Cricinfo Statsguru - RT Ponting -...
  12. haroon510

    Another one of those A vs B threads

    Ganguly for me Hayden was a minnow basher..
  13. haroon510

    ***Official*** IPL 2009

    What is the update on Pakistani players playing IPL.. Do you guys know if pakistani players will be playing IPL now the tournment will be held South Africa?
  14. haroon510

    Kolkata to have multiple captains

    U heard wrong.. i mean this could be said about salman khan and other afew other actors but SRK is the nicest and most friendly of them all.. i honestly agree with SRK .. i mean Gavaker has no business saying such a thing.... Speaking of staying in headline news now that he isn't playing cricket.
  15. haroon510

    CW Ranks the Bowlers

    Wasim Akram (ODI) Wasim Akram (test)
  16. haroon510

    Swinging both ways

    i am surprised to see that very few people has mention asif who i think is the master of swing in bowlers playing currently.. i mean conterversy aside.. he deserve mentioning because of his talent and skills.. his inswingers are deathly and sometimes unplayable.. same goes with outswingers...
  17. haroon510

    Pakistan Cricket news/views

    Alright asif you player.. i am proud of u man lol... i don't know some how this sounds less conterversial than his drug scandal.. i blame the babrak guy rather than asif for this..
  18. haroon510

    Players you love XI

    From the past 1 Saeed Anwar 2 Mark Waugh 3 Sir Viv Richards 4 Brain Lara 5 Inzmam Ul Haq 6 Steve Waugh 7 +Adam Gilchirst 8 *Imran Khan 9 Wasim Akram 10 Shane Warne 11 Allan Donald 12th Curtly Ambrose Current XI 1 Chris Gayle (c) 2 Ghutam Gambir 3 Kumara Sangakara 4 Sachin Tendulkar 5...
  19. haroon510

    The best minnow basher of this decade

    ST Jayasuriya
  20. haroon510

    ***Official***World Cup 2011 Qualifiers

    The missed up part is that most afghans still hate cricket.. and don't want to watch or play it.. they are in to soccar.. so no mater what... even if afghanistan qualify for world cup or even wins the world cup it won't bother afghans..