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Search results

  1. Camo999

    Group B - Bangladesh, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Scotland

    Wonderful and deserved result for these players who have played some phenomenal cricket over the past five years. It is a pity that they haven’t been afforded some more opportunities against high profile opposition over that time. Hopefully we can capitalise on this and get into the main draw of...
  2. Camo999

    Dean Jones or David Boon in tests? Who was better?

    Both absolutely fantastic players. Early 90s Jones was prob the best ODI bat in the world and Boon close to best test bat. So would prob go Boon in tests. I seem to recall Boon being ranked no 1 for a while and I think at one stage Curtly Ambrose called him his toughest opponent.
  3. Camo999

    Where do you stand on Steve Waugh vs Shane Warne debate (as people)

    Dunno quite where I stand on this but if he was gonna drop Warne, he really should also have dropped Healy who I recall seemed to be really struggling by then, and brought in Gilchrist.
  4. Camo999

    Was Jimmy Adams sacked too soon?

    I love Jimmy Adams. An interesting interview here where he reflects on his career and hints at a stress related illness in the 2nd half of his career. Certainly by the end of that harrowing Aus tour he looked done and it was probably a relief to get out at that point. He definitely got a...
  5. Camo999

    *Official* New Zealand in England 2021

    Geez Ollie Robinson is now a household name dominating talk radio all day here. Probably the most coverage cricket has got in the mainstream since Ben Stokes belted that guy. Boris chiming in with Dowden to criticise the ECB is a beauty given the PM's own fairly shameful history of racist and...
  6. Camo999

    Netherlands v Scotland May 2021

    Geez that could have gone either way at 4-66 but a great partnership. All is forgiven Budge! Shared series. Good to see the guys back in action. Was an enjoyable watch.
  7. Camo999

    Netherlands v Scotland May 2021

    First game for 500 odd days. If someone could’ve played a half decent knock we would have cruised that match but the top order failed and they picked zero firepower in the lower middle order. Once Munsey and Berrington were gone, it was all over. - Main bowled well, as did Kingma and most pace...
  8. Camo999

    Racism in english cricket

    Take one look at our vote leave Government and the rabid right wing tabloids. Pandering to xenophobia and racism plays very well here sadly.
  9. Camo999

    Best Batsman

    Marlon Samuels 133* Ian Harvey 48* Michael Leask 59*
  10. Camo999

    Favorite XI players but you can't pick those already mentioned

    WG Grace Junior Murray Rameez Raja Marlon Samuels *Ian Harvey Mackenzie Harvey Michael Leask Merv Hughes +Jack Blackham Hamid Hassan Jack Iverson
  11. Camo999

    ODI Specialists Draft

    Think its about 22 hours since Teuton's post... Anyway, I'll go with Kyle Coetzer who has an excellent ODI record and he can captain the side too. *K Coetzer J Roy C MacLeod M Kaif G Maxwell 6 +T Taibu A Russell 5 I Harvey 3 Rashid Khan 4 Malinga 1 Rackemann 2
  12. Camo999

    ODI Specialists Draft

    Andre Russell IJ Harvey J Roy C MacLeod M Kaif G Maxwell T Taibu A Russell ... Rashid Khan Malinga Rackemann
  13. Camo999

    ODI Specialists Draft

    Mohammad Kaif
  14. Camo999

    ODI Specialists Draft

    Calum MacLeod IJ Harvey J Roy C MacLeod ... G Maxwell T Taibu ... ... Rashid Khan Malinga Rackemann
  15. Camo999

    ODI Specialists Draft

    Tatenda Taibu
  16. Camo999

    ODI Specialists Draft

    Carl Rackemann I Harvey J Roy G Maxwell ... ... ... ... ... Rashid Khan Malinga Rackemann
  17. Camo999

    ODI Specialists Draft

    Jason Roy
  18. Camo999

    ODI Specialists Draft

    Lol he's so versatile can go anywhere. At the moment he's taking the new ball too. We'll see how the rest of the team eventuates and possibly move him around.
  19. Camo999

    ODI Specialists Draft

    1 IJ Harvey 2 3 Maxwell 4 5 6 7 8 Rashid Khan 9 10 Malinga 11
  20. Camo999

    ODI Specialists Draft

    Ian Harvey - greatest ODI player of all time (or something) as voted by Cricket Web :)