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Search results

  1. h_hurricane

    Which 4 heads would you put on a cricketing Mount Rushmore?

    Travis Head Clem Hill Mark Rushmere Kiran More
  2. h_hurricane

    Greatest ODI batsman of all time

    Viv Richards is unquestionably the best ODI batsman of all time. Sachin, ABD and Kohli in argument for the second best. A lesser known fact about Viv - Never scored an ODI hundred at home.
  3. h_hurricane

    The ATG Teams General arguing/discussing thread

    Sachin Rohit Kohli Yuvraj Dhoni Raina Kapil Jadeja Shami Bumrah Kuldeep
  4. h_hurricane

    Who are the neutrals supporting in the final?

    Whoever wins, 11 players are going to be added to or enhance their reputation in "Chokers hence useless" list maintained by @Burgey
  5. h_hurricane

    Cricket stuff that doesn't deserve its own thread

    The infamous Mankading incident happened in the 2nd test of the series. However, the above first class match scorecard also says Bill Brown run out by Mankad. Brown run out Mankad happened more than once that season.
  6. h_hurricane

    ***Official***Semi-Final #1- India vs New Zealand - November 15th - Wankhede, Mumbai (D/N)

    Takes his WC semifinal batting average from 3.67 to 32.
  7. h_hurricane

    Cricket stuff that doesn't deserve its own thread

    Don Bradman's 100th first class century was made against the touring Indians in a first class match in 1947-48. The match also featured Miller, Harvey, Mankad, Lala Amarnath among others. Bradman reached his century against G Kishenchand who was asked to bowl as a surprise tactic by Amarnath...
  8. h_hurricane

    Asian fast bowlers since Wasim Akram's retirement

    Bumrah's economy rate in ODIs is insane. No other asian bowler since Wasim's retirement (and none in the world going around currently) has the level of control that he has.
  9. h_hurricane

    Keith Miller vs Glenn McGrath

    Was also a mute spectator during the Laxman- Dravid partnership on day 4 Kolkata. Picked some JAM wickets on day 5 after the damage has been done. No 5 wicket haul in India either. Soft bowler.
  10. h_hurricane

    Keith Miller vs Brian Lara

    @Red rates Miller the batsman ahead of Border the batsman iirc.
  11. h_hurricane

    Keith Miller vs Brian Lara

    Miller is the new Kallis.
  12. h_hurricane

    ***Official***Match #25- England vs Sri Lanka- October 26th-Bengaluru(D/N)#BottomDwellers

    Looks like England wanted to get a feel of the infamous Bengaluru traffic and played bad enough to be on the roads in the evening.
  13. h_hurricane

    Garner vs Jadeja

    If Garner paid as much attention to batting as he did to bowling, he would have become as good a batsman as Jadeja. A criminally wasted talent.
  14. h_hurricane

    *Official Match #13 - England v Afghanistan 15th October.

    India beating WI in 1983 trumps them all.
  15. h_hurricane

    *Official* Match #10 — Australia Vs South Africa Oct 12th, Lucknow

    And didn't win anything between 1975 and 1987 either.
  16. h_hurricane

    *Official* Match #10 — Australia Vs South Africa Oct 12th, Lucknow

    World hasn't seen an ODI cricketer like Thakur.
  17. h_hurricane

    Ashwin vs Kohli

    Bro, made a lot of sense to retain your avatar as Sanju Manju.
  18. h_hurricane

    McGrath vs Tendulkar - ODIs

    It is a joke to compare any other cricketer to Viv in ODIs. He is so far ahead of the others and is simply beyond any comparisons. There are a few cricketers in conversation for the second best ODI cricketer though. Sachin, Mcgrath, Wasim, Garner are in discussion there.