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Search results

  1. DonBradmanx

    Does anyone know any trustworthy cricket fixture websites?

    Thanks for this mate, but about a day after I posted this my mate recommended me this. I can confirm it has been right so far https://www.wheresthematch.com/live-cricket-on-tv/
  2. DonBradmanx

    Does anyone know any trustworthy cricket fixture websites?

    Some websites I've been on shows the wrong results, like what?
  3. DonBradmanx

    Best cricket sixs

    I think there should be a thread for the best cricket sixs or best moments. It'll be fun to see your favourite moments in cricket
  4. DonBradmanx

    *Official* Women's Cricket discussion thread

    Would you rather watch womens or mens cricket?
  5. DonBradmanx

    Football on YouTube

    Some of the plenties in this. One amazing bicycle kick scored a goal.
  6. DonBradmanx

    Descending Test High Score Draft

    I think everyone one is in on this. I dont think I've seen a comment thats said no:laugh:
  7. DonBradmanx

    *Official* English Football Season 2022/23

    Its a year late now