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Search results

  1. gettingbetter

    ***Official*** 3rd Test at the WACA

    I think Moeen will make way - not that he should. That said, that would mean that Crane would play and I think that could stigmatize his career (see Borthwick and Kerrigan). If you had Rashid in the squad, I see small justification.
  2. gettingbetter

    *** Official*** South Africa in England 2017

    With all the talk about England's team, what about South Africa? Will it be a straight swap - Rabada for Olivier?
  3. gettingbetter

    ***Official*** Australia in India 2017

    What about India? Nair doesn't seem to have kicked on since his triple. Admittedly, in 5 Tests, he has only batted in 6 innings.
  4. gettingbetter

    ***Official*** India in Sri Lanka 2015

    Rahul - rocks this innings.
  5. gettingbetter

    Mark Waugh's highest test score was pretty damn low (153*), I always found this weird

    I remember when Cook was established in international cricket his highest was 127 for a period of time which I found odd.
  6. gettingbetter

    ***Official*** English Domestic Season 2015

    How is Billy Godleman still playing let alone captain now?
  7. gettingbetter

    Daniel Vettori Retires from Internationals

    Would be the same for me too.
  8. gettingbetter

    Your Favourite Players All Time

    Tests: Dravid ODIs: Klusener
  9. gettingbetter

    World Cup XI

    Now that it is over (and I haven't seen a thread): 1. Guptill 2. Dhawan 3. Sangakarra 4. Steve Smith 5. AB de Villiers 6. Anderson 7. McCullum 8. Starc 9. Morkel 10. Boult 11. Tahir
  10. gettingbetter

    2nd Semi Final - Australia v India (26th March)

    Could be, but we are cheap.
  11. gettingbetter

    1st Semi Final - New Zealand v South Africa (24th March)

    I would assume that NZ are the rightful favourites. But if SA are they still considered chokers?
  12. gettingbetter

    MOTS contenders

  13. gettingbetter

    1st Quarter Final - South Africa v Sri Lanka (18th March)

    Philander has not done anything noteworthy batting wise in ODIs.
  14. gettingbetter

    38th Match - Afghanistan v England (13th March)

    Bit of trivia gents. Who is the second best player to play in three World Cups? Bopara is number one for the record.
  15. gettingbetter

    38th Match - Afghanistan v England (13th March)

    I'm about a 15 minute walk from the SCG. Clouds look rather ominous today.
  16. gettingbetter

    Likely quarter final match ups

    Do we know what venues these games will be played at?
  17. gettingbetter

    Team Changes

    Tooting my horn about my QDK call.
  18. gettingbetter

    Cricket Holidays

    I've just came back from a ten week holiday which covered England, France, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Dubai, India and Malaysia. Work seems to be rather stagnant progression wise so I'm thinking of another holiday. Has anyone specifically taken a holiday to watch the cricket away from their...
  19. gettingbetter

    Team Changes

    Halfway through the group stage, some teams have chopped and changed some have remained loyal to the initial selections. I'll have a look at the top four teams so far: Australia: I have never been on the 'x to replace Watson at 3' bandwagon but I think it is time for Smith or Clarke to bat at 3...
  20. gettingbetter

    I don't actually hate Bopara thread

    Would be funny to see him get a game. That would mean he has played in three World Cups - who would've thought that.