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  1. centurymaker

    2 Champions Trophies vs World Cup

    I was pondering on how much a champions trophy glory might be 'worth' in comparison to a world cup glory. Is winning two champions trophies sort of equal to winning a world cup? Would you take 2 champions trophies over a world cup? If not, then 3 champions trophies over a world cup? Basically...
  2. centurymaker

    World Cup win vs Away series wins

    I suppose ABD's decision to skip Tests to focus exclusively on winning the world cup has prompted me to ponder on this.. What is it that matters more to the cricketing public of the respective countries if there was a choice between winning the world cup and winning important series away from...
  3. centurymaker

    Who are you supporting?

    Let's see which team has more support this time around.
  4. centurymaker

    Who is the Best "Cricketer" Ever?

    Inspired by the the thread "Who after Don", I have decided to touch on a similar question. Who really is the Best Cricket Player ever? Is it Don Bradman or one of the great all-rounders? Although Bradman averaged 100, I feel you have to take into consideration that if he had had to play in...
  5. centurymaker

    Top 7 Spinners

    Who are the Top 7 spinners in the world ATM? Rank them. Spinners- Ajmal, Rehman, Bishoo, Narine, Swann, Monty, Ojha, Ashwin, Lyon, Herath, Shakib, Randiv, Jeetan Patel, Vettori, Harbhajan, Mendis, Sunny, Tahir, Gazi, Afridi .... (may have missed a potential top 7) IMO 1) Ajmal 2) Swann 3)...
  6. centurymaker

    Siddle Vs HIlfenhaus

    Who would you pick first in the aussie line-up? siddle or hilfy FFS how do you add a poll?
  7. centurymaker

    Time is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Something's gone wrong with the time! It's somehow gone 1 hr back. I just tried all the time setting options in the 'edit options' tab to correct the time, but found that there were all fine... so it seems that something else is causing this.
  8. centurymaker

    Which batsman (has) had the worst trough?

    Since we always see the same old threads like "who's had the best peak" "who was the best batsman to watch at their best" "who dominated the most at their peak" etc... how about something to the contrary.... Which batsman (has) had the worst trough?? I'd like to limit this to very good to great...
  9. centurymaker

    Kallis Vs Dravid

    Who's the better test batsman? Kallis- Batting records | Test matches | Cricinfo Statsguru | ESPN Cricinfo Dravid- Batting records | Test matches | Cricinfo Statsguru | ESPN Cricinfo
  10. centurymaker

    I am a thread for Polite Discussion about Umpiring Errors as of post #57

    if the umpires hadn't conspired to give him out whenever the ball hit his pads/body. i'm sure he would've scored a lot more. there were dubious calls.... - first test in adelaide he got given out caught at short leg against warne when the ball hadn't touched his bat. (had gone past his 50) -...
  11. centurymaker

    A team you wouldn't like to play

    If there was one team that you could avoid in the knockouts, which team would it be? for me i wouldn't like the all blacks to face southafrica. (australia have a poor record in nz, especially at eden park iirc, so would rather we play them than SA)
  12. centurymaker

    Top 3 ATM

    Favourite Top 3 ATM Who are your top 3 FAVOURITE cricketers in the world at the moment. mine- 1. Dale Steyn 2. Shane Watson 3. Ishant Sharma :ph34r:
  13. centurymaker

    Predict the scoreline of the ODI series and more

    Series Score: Most runs: Most wickets: Most catches: Biggest innings: Best bowling: MOTS
  14. centurymaker

    Rank the English batsmen

    Rank your Top 5 English batsmen based on their recent form and their batting ability. 1. Bell 2. Trott 3. Pietersen 4. Cook 5. Prior
  15. centurymaker

    Sachin changes his views on Hawkeye

    Sachin will tell the Indians to perform a U-turn over Hawk-Eye, says its inventor | Mail Online good news?
  16. centurymaker

    Morgan V Raina

    Ok i'll try to resurrect this place.. Who's better Morgan or Raina? discuss. batsman*
  17. centurymaker

    Can Harbhajan break Murali's record?

    He's just turned 31. Given that India are expected to play around 100 tests in the next 8-9 years and that Harby avgs around 4 wickets a test, can he get to 800 if he plays till the age of 39-40? Kumble took 343 wickets in only 73 tests after turning 31. (spinners tend to get better in their...
  18. centurymaker

    Rank your Top 20 Bowlers of the modern era

    Top 20 since 1990- 1. McGrath 2. Murali 3. Warne 4. Steyn 5. Ambrose 6. Donald 7. Wasim 8. Pollock 9. Waqar 10. Walsh 11. Gillespie 12. Kumble 13. Akhtar 14. Bishop 15. Flintoff 16. Gough 17. Caddick 18. Ntini 19. Lee 20. Bond ---------------- 21. Srinath 22. Anderson 23. Zaheer 24. Morkel 25...
  19. centurymaker


    Let's do trades in here... Anyone want Andrew Birch? Avg'd 23 in SA div 1 last season FC avg 23, 150 wickets. I would like a decent batsman or a spinner in exchange.
  20. centurymaker

    Team Tornado

    1. Andrew Strauss 2. Neil McKenzie (avg'd 70+ in SA's 2010/11 domestic season and avg'd in the 50's 09/10 season. Also, avg'd 40 in Division 1 of county cricket 2010 season) FC avg of 44 3. Younis Khan 4. Kevin Pieterson 5.Rohit Sharma (This guys been piling on the runs in india div 1) 6.Virat...