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    Where Does Michael Clarke's Performance In the SCG Test Rank?

    For me, the biggest factor in any big innings is if the team won the match, second is the effect the innings had on that. Suffice to say, I don't think so highly of Lara's 2 big innings.
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    Semi Finals

    Big enough that it could go wrong. Small enough that it'd be a big shock if it did.
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    Semi Finals

    Power play taken Tait to Hall Big swing Big edge Gone! Hall C. Gilchrist B Tait 2.
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    Semi Finals

    A question for SL fans. If SL were to win the cup, who would you prefer to have beaten in the final?
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    Should Australia be Excluded from the World Cup?

    I partially agree. The rest of the world plays and at the end, the winner gets a best of three final against Australia.
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    Group A - Australia, South Africa, Scotland, Holland

    10? What match are you watching?
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    Group A - Australia, South Africa, Scotland, Holland

    I don't think 500 will happen in the tournament, although with the pitch perfect for batting, and the Aussies probably wanting to make a statement, I'd say it'll be more likely here than anywhere. I'd be thinking around 400 though....that would mean the record ( 398 ) could get broken, but 500, no.
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    Sunil blasts the Australians

    Which doesn't change the fact that every time an Australian does or says anything, you'll consider it the worst possible light. ( and if they said/did nothing, you'd complain that they were surly ).
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    Sunil blasts the Australians

    That article is over 8 years old...The fact that he hasn't don't similar things more recently would imply that he's learned from his lesson.
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    Sunil blasts the Australians

    Regarding Hookes... He played in (roughly) the same era gavaskar did, so either he sledged then ( and thus, sunil was wrong ), or it's a meaningless and mean example. Sad fact is, it's probably both.
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    Sunil blasts the Australians

    And yet people keep wanting to diminish their authority with 101 replays and handing over their powers to computers/3rd umpires. Case by case, those moves might make sense, but it can't be denied that it diminishes the umpires authority and it would be better for the game if players AND...
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    Ethnicity in aussie cricket wahts the real status

    A couple of other factors. Cricket isn't the number 1 game in Australia...Australian rules Football is, so any plans to play sport to 'fit in', or learning it through school are likely to tend that way. Also, soccer is significant enough that many ethic groups prefer that as they already...
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    Official Gibbs Ban Thread

    NB. This is a general comment, not specifically on this case. In a competition where teams represent countries, where does barracking against the other team and their supporters cross the line to racism? To me at least, "F**king Pakistani team/supporters" is ethically a lot different to...
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    ***Official*** Pakistan in South Africa

    Last Year, in Australia, a few members of the crowd abused South African Players, In Afrikaans and the outcry was that Australians were racist and should be banned from holding further games. Obviously, the nationality of the crowd members doesn't matter, merely their location, so surely the...
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    Drug Abuse, Ball Tampering and Match Fixing - Your Verdict

    I think fast bowlers benefit at the very least. It was also noted the other day in the Aus press that one of the reasons Aus is so good in ODIs is that they have a several big, STRONG Batsmen ( Hayden, Symonds, White ), so again, strength is a benefit in batting. Maybe it's not as big an...
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    Drug Abuse, Ball Tampering and Match Fixing - Your Verdict

    Match fixing - Life ban. Unforgivable. Steroids ( etc ). 2 years first offense, life for second. International players are full time professionals. 'not knowing' is no excuse. I don't care if nobody told them. It's their obligation to KNOW. Ball tampering. Irrelevant, No umpire will...
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    Warne and Mcgrath retiring after the 5th Ashes test!!!

    Until it's official, I'm praying it isn't true. The sick feeling in my stomach tells me it probably is true though.
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    Collingwood out, annoys the hell outa me, whhy value personal milestones so much???

    He got out coming down the pitch and trying to hit Warne straight...Just like he'd done several times before in the innings. Maybe he was a little more keen under the circumstances, and perhaps he made a mistake because of that, but regardless, it's hardly the worst example of "nervous 90's"...