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    Should England forget about Trescothick?

    So to no one's surprise, Tresco has ruled himself out of the winter's tours. But considering the fact that by next summer he'll be 32 and with a setled Test opening partnership (and the best part of a year to sort out a vaugely competent ODI opening partnership) should we not just forget about...
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    England's left arm seamers

    Something Mr Berry wrote in the Sunday Telegraph surprised me. In the history of English Test cricket no left arm seamer has took more than Bill Voce's 98 Test wickets. I wonder why that is when every one of the non Zim/BD Test countries has at least one 100+ wicket left arm seamer. JK Lever got...
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    England to face Scotland in ODI

    http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/england/content/current/story/301858.html England's search for a team they can beat in an ODI continues...and considering how close the Scotland v WI game was yesterday this might not be a cert either....
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    Taibu in line for Zimbabwe comeback

    http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/zimbabwe/content/current/story/299713.html Some good news for Zimbabwe at last as one of their few cricketers of Test standard might return - still won't make them worthy of Test status IMO.
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    ICC presidency could be decided on toss of a coin

    http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/ci/content/current/story/299551.html Just about sums up what a shambles this organisation is IMO.
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    Australia's Festive Season Tests under threat

    http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/australia/content/story/299279.html?CMP=NLC-DLY Personally I've always thought it unfair that SA always played in Australia on Boxing Day but Australia never played in SA on that day. The Boxing Day/New year Test is important to SA too! So I reckon it should be...
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    West Indies players refuse to tour Zimbabwe

    http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/westindies/content/current/story/298181.html At last some players show a bit of backbone about Zimbabwe. Two points - will the ICC fine them? it isn't a Test or ODI tour do they have the power? And i'd love to hear the Zim propaganda machine's reaction to this one...
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    England's 2008 schedule announced

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/england/6718369.stm Pretty much like this year's except (thank god) no seven match ODI series and one of the SA Tests starts on a Wednesday (surprised. If it only lasts four days the ECB will lose the income from Sunday which is usually quite lucrative.)...
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    Thorpe backs Pietersen as ODI captain

    http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/engvwi/content/current/story/296429.html Interesting...although I think KP might be too wrapped up in his own batting (like Boycott and Lara) to be a good captain but we are running out of options...Strauss off form, Freddie doubtful (and still in the doghouse?)...
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    Should county cricket go back to three days?

    Sir Geoffrey seems to be unimpressed by the Schofield report and has wrote in his newspaper column that county cricket should go back to three days. I reckon he's crazy - from what I remember of three day cricket you could normally only get a positive result by (a) having green "result" pitches"...
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    England's pace attack for First Test

    After a winter of awful seam bowling, and with some bowlers making a comeback who should be in the England pace attack for the First Test?
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    Whatmore quits Bangladesh

    http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/bdeshvind/content/current/story/291550.html Bad news for the tigers IMO - although they've got him v India - I wonder who will replace him? Duncan Fletcher?:laugh:
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    Peter Moores appointed new England coach

    Moores appointed new England coach http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/england/content/current/story/291620.html I thought he would be the caretaker..but to give him it permanetly shows confidence. I'm dissapointed (wanted Moody) and I feel he's the safe "in house" choice" but we must give him a...
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    England: Who should get sacked?

    It won't surprise anyone to know that there has been a demand for heads after yesterday's flop -but I reckon one guy is lucky. Hardly anyone mentions David "Teflon" Graveney the chairman of selectors although he has been there since 1997 and picked the team for the 1999 WC when we flopped at...
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    Should anyone over 32 be dropped?

    As anyone who watches Sky will know, RGD Willis came in off his long run last night after the SA fiasco (I hope county chairmen weren't listening, they'd have earache).One interesting thing though. He said anyone who is 32 should be dropped as they will not be playing by the next WC. But look at...
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    England captaincy and ODIs

    Still no centuaries for Vaughan in ODIs - and I'll be amazed if he gets one in this WC - it makes me think. Do England even consider one-day cricket when it comes to captaincy? Vaughan is not the first example of this - Nasser Hussain admits in his book he wasn't good at one-day cricket and...
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    Ireland v Pakistan - biggest WC shock ever?

    Well that's what they are saying on Sky anyway. IMO there is only one shock that compares - Kenya v WI in 1996. At halfway yesterday we knew Ireland had a chance. In 1996 Kenya only scored 166 bating first - FGS Lara might have got that on his own! But WI were routed for 93 by an unhearled...
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    Minnows and batting

    The "mismatch" stage of the WC warm-ups seemed to back up one of my therories. Allowing for the fact that India and England in the two matches I saw were probably trying to give as many players a hit as they could Holland and Bermuda's bowlers did not look out of their depth (especially ten...
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    Holding slams minnows

    I see Brian Lara's No 1 fan has now probably annoyed all of Bermuda with his comments about the WC minnows (including Bermuda) saying they shouldn't be there. So do you think he's right? Is 16 teams too many? Should there be 14 (as in 2003), 12 (as in 1996 and 1999) or just the big countries (as...
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    A team of WC rookies?

    OK, since a lot of World XIs get picked here I thought I'd pick one...but with one proviso. They must be in their countries WC squad...but have never played a WC match before. so after much thought I came up with a WC rookie XI: 1. Shoaib Malik 2. Upal Tharanga 3. Mike Hussey (Capt) 4. Kevin...