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    Someone is going to do it.
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    Air Cricket

    Inspired by this article: Why the kids don't play air shots with aubergines any more | Barney Ronay | Sport | guardian.co.uk Was playing plenty of air blocks myself during that final session last week. Personally find this form of the sport has a distinct advantage over the real thing, it...
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    No world cup would be complete without it....

    The ball controversy! BBC Sport - Football - Danish coach Morten Olsen criticises World Cup ball
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    Alec Bedser

    BBC Sport - Cricket - England Test bowling great Sir Alec Bedser dies One of England crickets true greats. Had a very long and fantastic life but still a very sad day, It feels like that generation has now left us.
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    The Greatest Test innings by a right-handed English batsman, born in South Africa, ag

    The Greatest Test innings by a right-handed English batsman, born in South Africa, against Australia in the last test of an Ashes series, in England at the Oval, in the Second Innings, in the Modern era? (This is in no way a blatant rip-off of a Zaremba style thread)
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    Why Don’t I care more?

    The fourth test at was uncomfortable viewing for any England fan, However as I watched three days of dreadful English cricket my overriding concern was, not that we had picked the wrong team, that Bopara is woefully inadequate, or that Harmison was bowling too short. It was something far...
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    Greatest XI for your County/State

    Was bored and wanted to avoid doing some work so tried to make an alll time Hampshire side. This was generally based on performance for the county itself rather than overall reputation. Have not taken into account overseas restrictions, just wanted to get the best side possible. All time XI...
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    First Person to 50 Centuries

    As all of you know Sachin Tendulkar recently became the first man to score 40 centuries but who do you think will be the first to score 50 centuries and when will it be achieved. Or indeed will it ever be achieved? At the moment there are two obvious candidates. Sachin Tendulkar -has to be the...
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    What is wrong with Paul Collingwood?

    What is wrong with Paul Collingwood? because something is, i cant put my finger on it but for me he will never be a world class batsman. He has got a lot of runs this year, recently got a double century and has a very respectable average in the 40s. But there is something wrong with Paul...
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    Your first match?

    What was the first cricket match you ever went to see? I have been told that it was Hamphire v Pakistan in 1992 but the first match i remember seeing was Hampshire v Young Australia in 1995 when i was 7. I saw Stewart Law make a big 100 and a young Ponting and Gilchrist both made half...
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    World 11 from all test playing nations

    I have a feeling this may have been done before so apologies if it has but i was bored and wanted to make a true world 11 with a player from all test nations. I am alowing any player from that nation so i could have Taibu for Zimbabwe. Obviously one nation gets 2 players. 1.Graham Smith 2...
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    The England batting line up

    With the very encouraging performances from Shah, Cook and Colingwood. It seems that England have several good batsmen but not many can really be called world class. so what is going to be the make up of the England batting line up in the first test in the summer? It would seem that only one...
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    Side of the last decade?

    What is the world team for the last 10 years? They must have played a test in the between 1995-2005 but i tried too pick people that had played for a lot of those ten years. I found this a very interesting selection as it is really is the all time side for me and im sure many other people on...
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    Greatest opening pair

    Greatest opening patnership Throught cricket history their have been brilliant opening pairs but who were the best? The legendry hampshire pair of Barry Richards and Gordan Grenidge takes some beating
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    Best Sportsman in the world?

    Obviously it is impossible too say really but who are the men or women that really stand out from the rest? Valentino Rossi and Tiger Woods are two names that spring too mind