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Search results

  1. trundler

    Debut Chronology Draft - Voting Thread

    Please pick the top 2 teams from each group of 7. Group A: Fuller Pilch CricZo XI AndrewB Charter 77 Final XI AnkitJ JOJOXI Teuton WG Grace * (7) Bob Simpson Barry Richards 1. Bill Ponsford Jack Hobbs Geoff Boycott Sunil Gavaskar / Graeme Smith* Bill Lawry Bruce Mitchell [5] 2. Conrad...
  2. trundler

    Debut Chronology Draft - Tests

    The rules are simple: There will be a varied draft order. Picking from an earlier year will allow you to get an early pick in the next round. No 2 players can be picked from the same year of debut. All 143 years of test cricket are open so this works ideally if there are 16+ participants. I'll...
  3. trundler

    Graham Thorpe vs Kevin Pietersen

    Better test match batsman? One from a prolonged period of being ****e for England and the other from a brief stay at the top.
  4. trundler

    Ascending Average Draft (Tests) - Voting Thread

    With a twist! Choose the top 2 teams from each group. Group 1: JOJOXI, Red Hill, Ankitj, Mr_mister, KingKallis JOJOXI: 1. Geoffrey Boycott 2. Virender Sehwag 3. Sachin Tendulkar 4. Mahela Jayawardene 5. Dudley Nourse 6. Aravinda de Silva 7. Brendon McCullum + 8. Kapil Dev 9. Tim Southee 10...
  5. trundler

    Ascending batting average draft (tests)

    With the lowest gets next pick first format. As a man who sometimes forgets his ABCs I'll need help but keen to get this started. Sign up now!
  6. trundler

    Classic contests that DRS would've ruined

    Donald had Atherton fairly early on in that innings. Some pretty woeful umpiring made things closer than they should've been in the 2000 WI Vs Pak series. This thread isn't about bad decisions per se, just instances when having a review would've prevented a thrilling contest from commencing.
  7. trundler

    Moderate up/downgrade thread

    You know the drill. List 2 cricketers similar in style and state who was the moderate upgrade on the other. Ex: Kapil was a moderate upgrade on Afridi as a one day batsman.
  8. trundler

    Zaheer Abbas vs Ian Chappell

    Better batsman? They had careers which overlapped a fair bit and both had similar roles. Abbas averaged 2 more runs more innings but had a slightly inferior century ratio. Better batsman? You decide! Interesting comparison imo.
  9. trundler

    Hedley Verity vs Clarrie Grimmett

    Bill O'Reilly is generally considered to be the best interwar spinner owing to his supreme Ashes record and reputation as a fearsome bowler who troubled Bradman to an extent. The other 2 notable spinners from this period are Verity and Grimmett, both of whom also did relatively well when they...
  10. trundler

    Best 'keeper of the 90s

    The 90s saw each of Australia, England, Pakistan and NZ field top class wicket-keepers. But who was the best between Healy, Russell, Latif and Parore? There's always talk of the best bowler and batsmen of that decade but the wicket-keeping stocks don't appear low on quality either.
  11. trundler

    Of feasts and famines

    The previous decade was notoriously easy for batting and there was a dearth of good fast bowlers. This has been rectified in this decade as even India have a decent pace bowling unit. But there are no truly great opening batsmen since Cook retired. None. The question which originally popped in...
  12. trundler

    High pace 4th innings chases

    https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8413/scorecard/657651/pakistan-vs-sri-lanka-3rd-test-sri-lanka-tour-of-united-arab-emirates-2013-14 I think this is the only instance where a substantial total was posted and chased down rather quickly that I can recall in a game where Pakistan came out on...
  13. trundler

    Remembering the flashes in the pan

    This is a thread for remembering players who had their 15 minutes of fame and then fizzled out into obscurity again this decade. Murali Vijay had an extended period of being pretty good before he became tailender level bad last year. Used to think Tim Bresnan was pretty good in the early 10s...
  14. trundler

    Some Steve Smith question

    Will Smith score 320 in his next 6 to get to 1000 runs in 10 innings? Well he get past Edrich's 1100 odd? How does this run compare to Weekes's 5 centuries in a row? Will he go past Tendulkar's 51 centuries?
  15. trundler

    All time Aussie choking XI

    Hayden, Ponting, Gilchrist, Lillee, Border, Cummins and Hazlewood all in the mix for their respective feats in 81, 05 and 19. Warne failed in a 1 wicket loss against Pakistan at Karachi too. That famous Kolkata choke obviously deserves a mention too. Australia never win those close tests. Very...
  16. trundler

    Greatest ever innings played at Headingley

    Had to be done
  17. trundler

    Erroneous revisionism that needs to be corrected

    Every year since his retirement, McGrath's speed has been retrospectively increased at a rate of 2 mph per year. In a few years he'll be Bond. My favourite bowler ever but let's not make him into something he wasn't. Every now and then people try to cover up Anderson's abysmal record away from...
  18. trundler

    Graeme Yallop Vs Usman Khawaja

    Both average low 40s. Yallop, like Khawaja, was one of the less than half a handful test quality bats in his era and behind 1 ATG (Border). Khawaja has Smith. Warner is good too admittedly but there isn't much else. Neither gets much respect nor do they spring to mind when I think of Australian...
  19. trundler

    CricketWeb Elects! ODI Team of the Decade

    Right, so all important ODIs this decade have been played with the conclusion of this WC. This decade has arguably seen the most specialisation in the one day game. At the start of this decade England were getting knocked over by Bangladesh and Ireland, Tendulkar scored the first ever double...
  20. trundler

    Rank the pacers - who do you think will be the best?

    Predict who will be the best fast bowlers. Pattinson Anderson Cummins Woakes Broad Hazelwood Curran Starc