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  1. Hoggy

    Hampshire Under 19s info required

    Hey all I was just interested in a bit of info on one particular member of Hampshire's academy, this being Mark Holmes. Mark turned up at my club's training tonight and seems to be here for the season so I was wondering on any thoughts of him if anyone has seen him in action.
  2. Hoggy

    Official Brad Hogg Appreciation Thread

    Let loose with all your favourite memories and anecdotes of Australia's number 1 left arm wrist spinner who bats a bit in this thread to cap off a great day for George Brad "matchwinner" Hogg.
  3. Hoggy


    On Sunday during the ING Cup opener I noticed that there was no live commentary on Cricinfo. Now I have looked ahead to see if there is any live commentary for this week's opening Pura Cup games - nothing. Only bloody South African provincial games. What is going on? :@
  4. Hoggy


    I noticed on Sunday for the ING Cup opener between Queensland and New South Wales that there was no live commentary of that particular game. Now I have looked at it's forthcoming coverage and it is the usual international games and all that and a ****load of South African bloody games. No Pura...
  5. Hoggy

    Vic Bushrangers 04/05 Squad

    http://www.bushrangers.com.au/default.asp?i=News&id=1210 State Player Contract List 2004-2005 Cricket Victoria Chief Executive Officer Ken Jacobs today announced seventeen State contracted players and three Rookie contracted players for 2004/2005 season. The Bushrangers squad also...
  6. Hoggy

    My sig

    For some reason it hasn't been coming out even though I have been clicking the little box so it does. Any reason for this?
  7. Hoggy

    Shane Watson

    I noticed the bowling figures of the Hampshire v Somerset game.... Bowling O M R W Taylor 15.2 3 62 1 (1nb, 1w) Tremlett 18 6 44 2 (1nb) Watson 8.4 2 28 0 (1w)...
  8. Hoggy

    Another one has left the sinking ship

    Andy Blignaut come on down under!!! ~~~~~~~ TASMANIA has signed up sacked Zimbabwe cricketer Andy Blignaut for the next three seasons. Blignaut, 25, becomes the second of the 15 white rebel players stood down by the Zimbabwe Cricket Union to head to Australia, following fellow all-rounder Sean...
  9. Hoggy

    Brad Hodge WILL play for Australia in the next calender year

    He would seriously have to if he keeps up his season form at the moment... BJ Hodge 5 9 1 793 240 99.12 4 0 1 0 Fairly handy record, shows how he has matured over the last couple of years. If he doesn't play at least a couple of ODI's I will go hee, especially...
  10. Hoggy

    Who went to the games

    I went to 4 games of the RWC out of the 7 at Telstra Dome in Melbourne. Wales v Canada - ****house atmosphere considering it was only half full and it was a slight dampener on my first Rugby Test going to. That and sitting in the Medallion Club with stuck-up knobs wearing turtlenecks made me...
  11. Hoggy

    Brad Hodge in - Jimmy Maher out

    Has to be happening soon to the Aussie ODI side. Jimmy Maher provides nothing to the side yet gets game after game after game while at the moment Hodge is averaging over 100 in the ING Cup this year also coming off a bumper year for Leicestershire I think it was. It's about time Trevor Hohns...
  12. Hoggy

    Stupid moments on the cricket field.

    Winning the toss and bowling against Australia on a batter's paradise like the WACA at this time of the season and ending up with 735 against the opposition's name and the world record score in a Test match to an individual player. And people thought Nasser Hussain was silly last year in...
  13. Hoggy

    Young Sri Lankan in trouble

  14. Hoggy

    2003 Wisden Cricketer Of The Year - Ricky Ponting

    You've heard it here first...Ricky Ponting dead-set has to be cricketer of the year for 2003. He has taken himself to the next level with his cricket and someone else would have to do a bloody good effort to get near these stats... 6 Tests 610 runs @ 76.25 1 50, 3 100's HS of 206 v WI at Port...
  15. Hoggy

    Winter Tests

    Cricket Australia (ACB was easier to type) has announced that winter Tests will happen this time next year in a 2 Test series against Sri Lanka at Darwin and Cairns. Will go a fair bit better with better opposition although I don't agree with Sri Lanka being shafted off up north.
  16. Hoggy

    Damien Fleming retires

    From baggygreen.com.au Fleming joins Commonwealth Bank Cricket Academy coaching staff Australian Cricket Board - 22 May 2003 The Australian Cricket Board (ACB) in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) today announced the appointment of former Australian player Damien...
  17. Hoggy

    Michael Clarke

    He goes alright doesn't he? Just wondering what the thoughts are of people who don't live in Australia and haven't heard the hype around him. Reckon he's good?
  18. Hoggy

    Why don't overseas players come to the Pura Cup

    Seeing as though overseas players go to the English County Cricket circuit during the off-season, why don't players from say England, the West Indies and other such countries that don't play around our domestic season come down to the Pura Cup to try their hands down here. We used to see it...
  19. Hoggy

    Shane Lee retires

    Shane Lee retires Cricket New South Wales - 29 April 2003 Former NSW captain and One Day International Shane Lee has announced his retirement from NSW cricket today. Lee made his debut in the baggy blue against Western Australia at the SCG in 1992-93. He played 73 First Class matches for NSW...
  20. Hoggy


    How do I get one here? <-----------------