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Search results

  1. Dizzy #4

    Keepers batting at No 11

    How many keepers have ever batted at No 11?
  2. Dizzy #4


    Coming soon, as soon as we get the stats analyzed! So stay tuned! Will you see your name in the record pages? Stats are now Seasons 7-11, Season 6 will be next, and then I'll decide where I'll go from here Overall Fastest FC Ton : Shan Jasotharan (55 balls) v Green(Season 9) : 11 fours, 2...
  3. Dizzy #4

    Ireland 10th

    After good performances, promotion was well derserved and now they're in the world Top 10! Australia 129 South Africa 125 New Zealand 115 Sri Lanka 110 Pakistan 110 India 106 England 104 West Indies 99 Bangladesh 45 Ireland 29 Zimbabwe 22 Kenya 0 Well?
  4. Dizzy #4

    What's going on?

    I keep wondering why the hell the keepers lose points easier.... This is how the first game went (Swell vs Dyamino) I only one goal let thorugh by a little mistake from the back and 8 very good saves warrnets me -138, yet Cameron, who made 4 saves and conceeded 2 goals got only -35! WTF...
  5. Dizzy #4

    The John Davison Therad, Err, I mean Canada Therad

    Well, they going to need more than 1 good player to rule the world, who will step up and take Davison's place?
  6. Dizzy #4

    Icon changes

    Is there anyway to change players icon in the game, or will they stay the same?
  7. Dizzy #4

    Anothe Aussie Story

    Don't know how to post screenshots, but once I do, I can show them to you It will start from Saf 2006 Last test RSA 1ST INN 356 AO M van Jarrsand 60 H Gibbs 55 S Tait 4/100 J Gillespie 3/100 2ND INN 256 AO G Rowley 79 M Boucher 79 J Gillespie 6/87 M Kasprowicz 2/31 AUS 1ST INN 1006/8...
  8. Dizzy #4


  9. Dizzy #4

    Please Ricky Ponting! Stop with this crap!

    C'mon Ricky, stop making stupid choices, like Symmonds Getting promoted for nothing, reward Clarke, When Gilly comes back, make him a no 4 or 5, in fact, give Symmo a rest and stop with the "You will have to make it thru the innings" crap! Give Symmo a rest so he can recharge! Reward good...
  10. Dizzy #4

    Ummm, The (Un)Offcial Cricket 2006 Requests Therad!

    I would really like to see way more international teams
  11. Dizzy #4

    Cricket 2002 teams

    Is there any teams other than Holland I can get OK, i'm 3 years, i'm so waiting for cricket 2006.
  12. Dizzy #4

    Cricket Jokes

    Anyone got any cricket jokes? I'll start with a lame one :( Warney and Pidge went down to buy beer, but after getting the beer Both of them go to Hayden, why?
  13. Dizzy #4

    World Wickets: International Glory!

    I've have decided to make a game for freeware, and i'm a bit new to line making, can anyone here tell me how to make a game? Hopefully, it should have at least 20 international teams and min of 24 players and a max of 36 players for that Country A side, keep ranking points and even series like...