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    Semi Finals and Final Discussion

    No one expected Pak to go this far, esp after their first-game loss. So I won't count out the Green Shirts just yet. They are the best bowling T20 bowling team around (yes, better than both SA and SL) and their batting/fielding is starting to come together. If they hold their own during the...
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    ****OFFICIAL**** Lara vs Tendulkar Debate Thread

    I'm re-visiting this website after a couple of years and still see this thread on first page. Seriously, some of you guys have no life! P.S. Don't take this comment too seriously!
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    Group E - England, India, South Africa, West Indies

    SA are most certainly the favorites. WI and SL are still the dark-horses. SL has variety in the bowling attack and explosiveness at the top of the order. WI again has 3 bats who can win it single-handedly on their day along with a good batting supporting cast and a spirited bowling lineup...
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    Group F - Ireland, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka

    Great win by the 'Green Boys'. Clinical display all round. Wish they can do it more often but this was reminiscient of a 90's Pakistan game. Passionate display of cricketing display with moments of individual brilliance. Umer Gul's was a beauty. Afridi's catch breath-taking. Vettori didn't look...
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    Flintoff's bizzare anti immigration rant

    Nothing wrong with what he said. I live in Canada and it pisses the hell outta me to call my computer tech support and find out that the call center is in India and they're struggling to pick up the North American lingo. They don't sound very polite although quite accommodating (almost ironic)...
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    The beginning of the end for sledging?

    no, sledging wont end and it shouldn't! its almost half the fun! u know what, if the referees were competent and balanced enough, none of these problems would exist.
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    Bob Woolmer dies at 58

    This has been a terrible shock to the cricketing world, none less Pakistan. I must tell you I am touched by the coverage of this tragic event. I think all media but esp Pak media has been stellar. Former cricketers to journalists to even musicians and actors and even the Pres/PM have expressed...
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    Nasim Ashraf, Chairman of the PCB, has resigned

    Yes great news. This man was a dictator just like his boss is. Now we need someone half decent and before that a constituition. I think Asif Iqbal shd be involved in some capacity.
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    Bad Boy Afridi

    The Pak supporters got kicked out the other day, so why wasn't this idiot thrown out as well? Afridi's ban is justified but what no action was taken against that man. Shame on the ground authorities, and that guy standing there who did not intervene.
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    Official Gibbs Ban Thread

    Yeah a shameful act by Gibbs and he shd have got longer then 2 matches. You just cant say that. Shoaib just sweared at Paul Adams once and he got banned. Imagine what would have happened had Shoaib cursed "F******* South Africans bunch of jerks" or something to that tune.. he would have been...
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    ***Official*** Pakistan in South Africa

    Alot of whinging and badmouthing going on as a result of Asif n Shoaib playing. I think its more a case of them performing more then anything else. They were unbanned for using arguablt the most controversial drug in the world.. a drug that other high profile sportsmen took and got free because...
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    ***Official*** Pakistan in South Africa

    If SA doesn't win the series against India, I see slower tracks vs Pakistan. But ofcourse they'd still be good cricket wickets with something probably for everyone. Thats my 2 cents on the pitches. Bowling, as always, will be Pak's strongest area. With Shoaib and Asif back, and Gul and Rana...
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    BREAKING NEWS:::: SHOIAB and ASIF ban Lifted!!!!!!

    Sorry, double post.
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    BREAKING NEWS:::: SHOIAB and ASIF ban Lifted!!!!!!

    Well, I am afraid that is a simplistic view. Too simplistic. And dont put words in my mouth. I am not claiming anything. All I know is that nandrolone is a controversial drug and many high profile nandrolone cases have come to the fore in the recent past. You say it cannot be proved that the...
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    BREAKING NEWS:::: SHOIAB and ASIF ban Lifted!!!!!!

    Nandrolone is a controversial drug and its hard to establish how it was taken. So to ban someone in that case is ridiculous esp when no awareness has been created about the drug.
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    BREAKING NEWS:::: SHOIAB and ASIF ban Lifted!!!!!!

    Relax cowboy.. Not sure how I shd reply to your post. Its a blank post with no real arguments. Btw you cant ban someone for taking contaminated multi-vitamins or eating a beef burger where the beef came off a juiced cow.
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    ***Official** West Indies in Pakistan

    How does Afridi come in for a batsman? Bari is at it again...
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    BREAKING NEWS:::: SHOIAB and ASIF ban Lifted!!!!!!

    Most of the posts on this thread are just emotional rhetoric. Now I dunno why that is so. Either because two PAKISTANI players have been acquitted or maybe because Pakistan is again a contender to win the World Cup. Both of them were not given any education whatsoever on this issue by the PCB...
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    ***Official** West Indies in Pakistan

    No WI is not better then India but overall a good batting lineup. Sachin>Lara is not so clear-cut either!
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    Graeme Smith warns Panesar of racist abuse

    Thing is this keeps happening again and again. I know these are just some sections of the crowd but this wouldn't happen in any other cricketing nation in the world. Pretty poor stuff..