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Search results

  1. Hoggy

    2015 World cup ticket prices (NZ) announced

    India v South Africa at the MCG Australia v Sri Lanka at the SCG (Y) Never been, long weekend in Melbourne, possible start of the NRL season too. Magnificent timing. Australia v Scotland at Bellerive Oval Quarter Final at the MCG.
  2. Hoggy

    **Official** New Zealand Domestic Season 2013/2014

    Hi all, am heading to NZ in January and will be in Auckland for the T20 international vs the West Indies. Was wondering how I would go about getting two tickets to this game. Ticketek doesn't seem to be offering them as of yet.
  3. Hoggy

    **Official** West Indies in England 2012

    "Bat for me now" Brilliant.
  4. Hoggy

    ***Official*** Big Bash League

    Reckon Brisbane's team will look something like this... 1. Hayden 2. McCullum 3. Lynn 4. Forrest 5. Hopes 6. Christian 7. Hartley 8. Hauritz 9. Swan 10. McDermott 11. Buchanan Going by betting sites, Vettori is a non starter, as well as Neser, Paulsen, Harris and Broad. I've got a sneaky...
  5. Hoggy

    Most Intelligent Cricketer

    For bowlers being able to work over batsmen so smartly and so consistently, Glenn McGrath would have to be up there surely.
  6. Hoggy

    Australian Domestic Offseason 2011

    I'm still crossing my fingers for the concept to not actually happen. :cool:
  7. Hoggy

    Australian Domestic Offseason 2011

    Might have something to do with that right there. Brisbane have had cod ordinary Test crowds for decades.
  8. Hoggy

    Group D - New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland

    Well I've gone all out and put money on the Kiwis to win the tournament.
  9. Hoggy

    Road to IPL 2009.

    Did Kyle Mills get delisted from Punjab? Tim Southee and JP Duminy to the Kings XI please.
  10. Hoggy

    Road to IPL 2009.

    Broad > Siddle nope Harmison > Bollinger it's not 2004 anymore Flintoff > McDonald given Panesar and Swann both > Hauritz also a given, but krejza is better than all 3 Johnson > Anderson Don't know why Australia are going to bother to turn up really.
  11. Hoggy

    Three nations plan an answer to the IPL

    Seems like a cricketing version of the Super 14. If done correctly, it could be very good for all nations.
  12. Hoggy

    ***Official*** Australian Domestic Season 2008/09

    http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=slfUnlM71d0 For those that haven't seen it.
  13. Hoggy

    Predict National Side 2011

    1. Jacques 2. Marsh 3. Ponting 4. Clarke 5. M.Hussey 6. Watson 7. Ronchi 8. Lee 9. Johnson 10. Heal 11. Tait
  14. Hoggy

    ***Official*** IPL match discussion thread

    Punjab for me.
  15. Hoggy

    Indian Premier League

    Do they know it's a 20/20 comp?
  16. Hoggy

    Indian Premier League

    Oh I'm going for Dave Hussey's team then!
  17. Hoggy

    Official Under 19 World Cup thread

    A certain blonde spin bowler never really did anything before he played for Australia. He's scored 476 @ 43.27 for Melbourne this year anyway. In the national under 19s comp at the end of last year, he scored 402 runs @ 57.43. Four 50s and a hundred from 7 knocks. He will have, score 10+ Test...
  18. Hoggy

    Indian Premier League

    McCullum, Sangakkara, White, Lee, Sarwan, Sreesanth, Dhoni and Afridi all in the one team please btw.
  19. Hoggy

    Indian Premier League

    Saw that, but take out Haddin and Johnson. Isn't Shane Bond involved - hence being kicked out of NZ cricket?
  20. Hoggy

    Hampshire Under 19s info required

    Hey all I was just interested in a bit of info on one particular member of Hampshire's academy, this being Mark Holmes. Mark turned up at my club's training tonight and seems to be here for the season so I was wondering on any thoughts of him if anyone has seen him in action.