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    Does Umpire's Call need to go?

    Do you agree?
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    ICC teaches FIFA. No Penalties! If game is tied after ET team with most corners wins

    That makes sense right? What an absolute shameful way to end the greatest ODI played ever. It is not some irrelevant bilateral ODI that they are deciding. In those fine, they could flip a coin for all I care. But this is the World Cup Final. The biggest game there is. There should have been a...
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    India need to find a no. 4 and 5 and get new spinners

    India's issues at no. 4 are well known, but India also need to find a no. 5. India have not had a settled no. 5 since Raina. Samson at 4 and Shubman Gill at 5 need to be drafted in ASAP. Realistically speaking, India some new spinners too, as Kuldeep and Chahal really caved in when it...
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    Team India - Great talent but poor planning?

    I know the clever in hindsight counter to this thread is ever available. However, I do have to ask what business some of the players have of being in the World Cup squad. Jadhav, Vijay Shankar, KL Rahul to name a few. India's flaws were very well hidden by the excellent top order but the top...
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    Best XI of the 1st round

    Rohit Warner Kohli Shakib Williamson Stokes Carey Starc Archer Shaheen Afridi Bumrah Carey as WK was easy. Most dismissals by WK & most runs by WK. Kohli & Root was close. Root has more runs but has played 1 game more than Kohli. Kohli has better avg. & S/R. Shaheen's stats are unbelievably...
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    The ideal WorldT20 format

    I was thinking that the T20 World Cup should be a 15 team event, with everyone on the same level playing field. No, small boys' groups first for the chance that 1 team would then through to the big boys' group. Have 15 teams and like this World Cup, have all 15 teams play each other. The games...
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    Pakistan ex Cricketers say the World Cup was 'designed' and 'tailored' by ICC

    Rashid Latif and Shoaib Akhtar were involved in a panel discussion where they have raised some doubts over the validity of the England vs NZ result and have implied it was all a little fishy and efforts were made to deliberately knock out Pakistan. Rashid said that Eng should have scored 375...
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    Greatest ODI XI (But only one player from one country allowed)

    The rules are clear. You use only one player from one country and see what is the best combo you come up with. Tendulkar - IND Gilchrist - AUS Kallis - SA Williamson - NZ Viv - WI KP - ENG Shakib - BAN Akram - PAK Rashid Khan - AFG Heath Streak - Zim Murali - SL
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    Any Indians besides Rahane playing the county season?

    Anyone? Would love to track how they do in the county games
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    Greatest All Time ODI XI

    Only qualification must have played 200 ODIs. Tendulkar Gilchrist Ponting Kohli Sangakkara Kallis Dhoni Pollock Akram Murali Malinga
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    A question about IPL for non-India, non-India based fans

    This is a question for those who are not Indians, not based in India or expats. IPL is very popular in India, and teams have wild fanbases. However, I wanted to explore what the situation is outside of India. Do fans or cricket watchers outside of India identify strongly enough with any of the...
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    An article about DRS - The Hidden Fine Print of Hawk Eye

    The DRS conundrum: Is the BCCI right about the DRS after all?
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    Twitter Cricket Related Accounts from Fans

    Twitter is abuzz with lots of famous cricket personalities, channels etc, however there are also some fan twitter accounts worth a follow. I am listing them here, to sort of create a database for some project we are doing. Feel free to add here - 1) Innocent Bystander -...
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    A New Cricket Related Twitter Project

    Hi Cricket Web Community We are trying to develop a fun twitter handle, which will center around cricket. The basic idea is to have a handle that mixes jokes with sports, mostly cricket. Here are some samples of the tweets sent out so far -...