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Search results

  1. Haddin

    *Official* Australian Domestic Season Thread

    Simple problem: Haddin and Jaques fail, then the team fails. But I am impressed with Nathan Hauritz.
  2. Haddin

    *Official* Australian Domestic Season Thread

    4 down. This is sad. I'd be happy with a single NSW win this season. At least the Coverage is better, thanks Fox Sports.
  3. Haddin

    Pinchz Aussie Dream 2007 West Indies Tour and beyond

    Thats uncalled for, I have learned, if you don't have anything positive to say, don't say anything at all. Good luck, Pinchy.
  4. Haddin

    Cricket Life 2007 Announced

    OK, I am Sorry, I regret my actions, please forgive me.
  5. Haddin

    Cricket Life 2007 Announced

    But its true. He is a complete idiot.
  6. Haddin

    Cricket Life 2007 Announced

    You are the thickest bonehead I have ever come across.
  7. Haddin

    ***Official** Malaysia Tri-Series

    Haddin should be up the order. Katich should go home.
  8. Haddin

    simple qestion

    Im at a loss for words, so I will try and describe you as an idiot, a bonehead and more...
  9. Haddin

    best wicketkeeper

    Trescothick maybe?
  10. Haddin

    Cricket 2002 Patch Out Soon

    Good thread bumb too.
  11. Haddin

    ICC 2005 Download

    Well then, kindly point it out, pnchy, you freaking bonehead.
  12. Haddin

    ***Official*** Top End Series

    Bloody CA site didn't even cover it.
  13. Haddin

    ***Official*** Top End Series

    Amazing series. Wish it didn't have to end.
  14. Haddin

    ***Official*** Top End Series

    What an innings by Ryder. He made 114 off just 84 balls, with 10 fours and 6 sixes. New Zealand "A" are 3/193.
  15. Haddin

    ***Official*** Top End Series

    India "A" were un-done by Mark Gillespie, tell me how old is he? He took 5/35. India were bowled out for 216.
  16. Haddin

    ***Official*** Top End Series

    Wow. Queensland off to a flier. Last 5 overs: nb . . . 4 . . | 1 lb 4 4 4 4 | . . 1 4 1 1 | 6 6 6 . . 1 | 1
  17. Haddin

    ICC 2006 Activation Code

    Please, why don't you go out and buy the real game?
  18. Haddin

    ***Official*** Top End Series

    Sorry everyone, I forgot. If anyone didn't know, India "A" won by 3 wickets. It was very close, India choked and nearly lost the game.
  19. Haddin

    ***Official*** Top End Series

    Go Cullen Bailey! Good stuff! And the Cricket Scores will be on in my local news, I will tell you the Indian Scores if you like.