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Search results

  1. R

    *Official* West Indies Tour of India 2018

    Think Devon Smith was unfairly dropped. He got run out in one match, scored a fifty and a solid player; never got a recent run.
  2. R

    Indian Cricket Dhaba

    Shreyas Iyer is completely out of the reckoning I believe
  3. R

    Indian Cricket Dhaba

    It will be a toss up between Pandey and Kedhar Jadhav to replace Suresh Raina. Pandey is a good fielder, in form. Jadhav can bowl. Will be a very tight call.
  4. R

    Playing Selector: Dream ODI XI

    Gilchrist Sachin Lara Inzamam Viv Richards V Kohli Shakib Al Hasan Wasim Akram Shane Bond Waqar Younis M Muralitharan
  5. R

    *Official* India Tour of England 2018

    Mark Butcher?
  6. R

    ***Official*** Indian Domestic Season 2014/15

    Great win for Vidarbha... Amazing stuff by Srivatsava... Deserving MOM.
  7. R

    ***Official*** Indian Domestic Season 2014/15

    yes, but Indrajith hasn't bowled at all this whole season.... The reason probably is there are 4 other spinners in the line up.
  8. R

    ***Official*** Indian Domestic Season 2014/15

    Also Shreyas Gopal, i believe he is the no.1 all rounder this season... Looks very promising...
  9. R

    ***Official*** Indian Domestic Season 2014/15

    Malolan Rangarajan should fit into your XI probably.. I watched the highlights of the TN vs Mumbai game on BCCI.tv. He can hit the long ball....
  10. R

    **Official** Indian Domestic Season 2013/14

    Kumble out of some 25 overseas tours bowled well only in a couple of them. Let us agree that no spinner in the last 20-25 years have been able to make an impact overseas. within the available options ruling out one dimensional cricketers like Ohja and Mishra, Ashwin is the best option.
  11. R

    **Official** Indian Domestic Season 2013/14

    Please don't talk Ashwin's batting and Jadeja's batting in the same vein. Ashwin is 100 times better than Jadeja and has the capability to play as a pure batsman. Definitely better than Rohit Sharma. On the bowling front, Ashwin is still our no.1 spinner and no.2 is a toss up between Mishra...
  12. R

    Indian Domestic Season 2011/2012

    Sriram playing for HP, Satish for Assam, Badani for Vidharba. Old TN hands being shunted around. Not sure why Tamilnadu can't keep veteran players. Only Sharath played until he was 35. All others were shown the door once they are 30. Pathetic.
  13. R

    Two international bowlers and batsmen against whom you would love to play.

    I will bat against Marlon Black and Patterson Thompson. 8-)
  14. R

    Greatest West Indian Batsman

    Carlisle Best for me.
  15. R

    Indian Domestic Season 2011/2012

    Are these matches televised? Even the coverage in cricinfo is poor. They updated 17th October matches only today.
  16. R

    *Official* India in South Africa

    I would have picked Bhauvanesh Kumar rather than Praveen. He bowls at a better pace and he is a genuine bat.
  17. R

    *Official* Third Test at the WACA

    Thanks much. I got really greedy when I saw Swann < 114 mistaking it for "just runs". 8-)
  18. R

    Best ever ODI batsman

    Neil Fairbrother.
  19. R

    *Official* Third Test at the WACA

    b365 offers a 1.83 return on Swann < 114. is 114 the total number of runs in both innings or is it something else? Does anyone know?
  20. R

    Ashes betting

    Anderson < 92 fetches 1.83 in b365. What does that exactly mean? It is runs both innings combined? What if he doesn't bat at all? What if he bats in one and not in another? What if he remains not out in both innings but less than 92? Any help?