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    Does Umpire's Call need to go?

    Agreed, If on field Umpire is so sure, why doesn't he give the decision then. If he is not sure then don't butt in and let the 3rd Umpire take the call. What I feel is that they should reverse the procedure. First the call is sent upstairs to 3rd Umpire and if he is not sure, then and only...
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    Does Umpire's Call need to go?

    Bucknor was by far one of the worst Umpires ever. Dharamsena tops even Bucknor. Of the current lot, Erasmus is the only I like.
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    Stupid Cricket Rules

    So many. But above all, Umpire's Call. Its either hitting or its not hitting. If it is hitting its out. Stop making this thing so fking confusing. Think tennis line calls. Its either in or its out. They don't have any nonsensical stuff like, well if the Chair Umpire called it out, then more...
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    MS Dhoni unlikely to be picked for India again; officials in BCCI want him to retire

    Look I am not one that says Dhoni MUST retire. However his role in the team does need to be looked at. I personally feel he would have been a far better fit at no. 4 than most of the those who played there, including Pant. Dhoni has to be a destroyer. Enough of the go out there and tuck tuck...
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    Does Umpire's Call need to go?

    Well pick one. Either you trust technology or you don't. However, all decisions being uniform would be a welcome change from the current state of affairs. Two balls could be pitching in the same place, hitting the pads on the same spot, kissing the stumps in the same spot and yet one could be...
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    Does Umpire's Call need to go?

    Do you agree?
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    *Official* New Zealand tour of Sri Lanka 2019

    There 2 test tours need to be scrapped. 3 tests should be the min.
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    Should deflected overthrows off stokes bat have only been 5 runs not 6?

    Yes no question about it. NZ were robbed. Its a disgrance. And I went in wanting England to win. However the way things transpired, I am sorry to say this, but there has never been a more undeserving winner of a World Cup. Sorry, that is all there is to it.
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    ICC teaches FIFA. No Penalties! If game is tied after ET team with most corners wins

    You are resorting to typical nonsensical internet forum tropes. First of there is no jealously. I am happy that England won. When I read books by British authors of the past, I find cricket features prominently in those books. Post 1966 not so much. I wanted England to win the World cup so the...
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    ICC teaches FIFA. No Penalties! If game is tied after ET team with most corners wins

    I know, but its not like you have a choice. Its you first and only so far and of course you will celebrate it like crazy. But when you win a proper one, you will know the diff.
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    ICC teaches FIFA. No Penalties! If game is tied after ET team with most corners wins

    Haha stop living in denial. Thank me for teaching you a new word today.
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    ICC teaches FIFA. No Penalties! If game is tied after ET team with most corners wins

    Wow! I had heard of autological words, but an autological post! How insightful! Groundbreaking stuff.
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    ICC teaches FIFA. No Penalties! If game is tied after ET team with most corners wins

    That makes sense right? What an absolute shameful way to end the greatest ODI played ever. It is not some irrelevant bilateral ODI that they are deciding. In those fine, they could flip a coin for all I care. But this is the World Cup Final. The biggest game there is. There should have been a...
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    India need to find a no. 4 and 5 and get new spinners

    Yeah went with form over class, which was the problem. Vijay Shankar was picked because he was in some decent form in the World Cup period. How could he and Jadhav be picked over the likes of Iyer, Samson, Pant, Gill is beyond comprehension. India's problem is they don't even give opportunities...
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    India need to find a no. 4 and 5 and get new spinners

    India's issues at no. 4 are well known, but India also need to find a no. 5. India have not had a settled no. 5 since Raina. Samson at 4 and Shubman Gill at 5 need to be drafted in ASAP. Realistically speaking, India some new spinners too, as Kuldeep and Chahal really caved in when it...
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    Team India - Great talent but poor planning?

    I know the clever in hindsight counter to this thread is ever available. However, I do have to ask what business some of the players have of being in the World Cup squad. Jadhav, Vijay Shankar, KL Rahul to name a few. India's flaws were very well hidden by the excellent top order but the top...
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    Best XI of the 1st round

    Rohit Warner Kohli Shakib Williamson Stokes Carey Starc Archer Shaheen Afridi Bumrah Carey as WK was easy. Most dismissals by WK & most runs by WK. Kohli & Root was close. Root has more runs but has played 1 game more than Kohli. Kohli has better avg. & S/R. Shaheen's stats are unbelievably...
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    The ideal WorldT20 format

    I was thinking that the T20 World Cup should be a 15 team event, with everyone on the same level playing field. No, small boys' groups first for the chance that 1 team would then through to the big boys' group. Have 15 teams and like this World Cup, have all 15 teams play each other. The games...
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    Pakistan ex Cricketers say the World Cup was 'designed' and 'tailored' by ICC

    Rashid Latif and Shoaib Akhtar were involved in a panel discussion where they have raised some doubts over the validity of the England vs NZ result and have implied it was all a little fishy and efforts were made to deliberately knock out Pakistan. Rashid said that Eng should have scored 375...
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    No that's not it Mr Sambit Bal

    I would like an official reason for what they did, esp. Dhoni, but of course there will probably never be one forthcoming. So in the absence of one, there could be only be one justification for it. India or Dhoni had their own target in mind, that get to 300, take a tactical defeat, ensure...