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Search results

  1. godofcricket

    4th June - Group B - India v Pakistan

    I know we are not even half way yet but the difference in body language is phenomenal since the start. There is no way this Pak side can beat India
  2. godofcricket

    4th June - Group B - India v Pakistan

    As a Pak cricket fan, I hope the match is washed off. Atrocious fielding and captaincy, any slim chance we had before the match is gone after watching a few minutes of this crap.
  3. godofcricket

    ***Official*** Pakistan in Australia 2016/17

    Pakistan are trying their best to take this to the last few overs
  4. godofcricket

    *Official* Pakistan in England and Ireland 2016

    I don't agree with everything he says but I do think Pakistan's approach to ODI is outdated. If they don't come up with new strategies (specifically batting) Pakistan will find themselves in a much bigger hole very soon. I believe the process needs to start now, we don't necessarily need to...
  5. godofcricket

    *Official* Pakistan in England and Ireland 2016

    Congrats to England for a brilliant performance, taking nothing away from their performance but this series has once again exposed Pakistan's fragile ODI team. I agreed with Wasim Akram's anaylsis a couple of days ago when he said Pakistan still have the mindset and play cricket like the 90's...
  6. godofcricket

    *Official* Pakistan in England and Ireland 2016

    Before the series began I was expecting a 3-1 or at least a 2-1 to England like most people here but having seen the 1st test I don't think it will be that easy for either side to win as I thought the body language of the Pakistani players especially Misbah's was very positive throughout. They...
  7. godofcricket

    *Official* Pakistan in England and Ireland 2016

    Yeah wasn't sure about his footwork though, really felt he wasn't comfortable playing on this pitch. I am expecting a lot from Azhar Ali as well, he has to step up in the next game if Pakistan are to post a decent total as you can't rely on Misbah and Shafiq every time.
  8. godofcricket

    *Official* Pakistan in England and Ireland 2016

    Really happy with the result, like a few people said if there was one venue where Pakistan could win it was at Lords. Really don't want to see Hafeez playing in the team especially when he is not allowed to bowl, with James Anderson possibly returning for the second test he probably won't even...
  9. godofcricket

    'Official' Semi Final 2 - Pakistan v India

    Congratulation to India. A very deserved victory and best of luck for the finals.
  10. godofcricket

    'Official' Semi Final 2 - Pakistan v India

    Yeah but its expected to be clear by tommarrow morning..lets hope the weather doesnt ruin the match.
  11. godofcricket

    'Official' Semi Final 2 - Pakistan v India

    Comeon Pakistan, Lets do this :)
  12. godofcricket

    Pakistan Minister warns Pak cricketers not to indulge in match-fixing

    This was completely ridiculous from Rehman malik, another low from zardaris rat, the worse part is i guess he hasn’t really realised the mistake otherwise he would have publicly appologised to the team, and now he has issued another statement asking players to stay away from strangers. I am...
  13. godofcricket

    'Official' Semi Final 2 - Pakistan v India

    From what I have seen Afridi isn’t too keen to use Wahab under pressure situations, he is mainly being used to bowl out some overs when the opposition is a bit on the back foot, this strategy shows that Wahab clearly is a weak point in our bowling. Pakistan needs an attacking and wicket taking...
  14. godofcricket

    'Official' Semi Final 2 - Pakistan v India

    Saying the obvious but I dont think it will be an easy game for both the sides, people who think Pakistan will lose if they are chasing anything over 250 are completely wrong. I am predicting a fluent batting innings from Pakistan in this match. From my point of view the match might depend on...
  15. godofcricket

    *Official* Quarter Final 1 - Pakistan v West Indies

    I think pakistan will win this, the only thing that can really stop them is an onslaught from gayle lasting about 8 to 10 overs, and i seriously cant see that happening. I am certain pakistan will come up with a plan to tackle that considering hes the only real threat that can change the game...
  16. godofcricket

    *Official* Match 33 - Pakistan v Zimbabwe

    If the game does go ahead tomorrow, I hope Pakistan has to chase to win the game. The Pakistani batsman would be a bit vulnerable chasing under lights especially after the last match and I don’t want to see them in the same mindset if they were to chase in the QF (assuming they do go through)...
  17. godofcricket

    Why the **** is Kamran Akmal still playing in the Pak XI?

    Well if they are trying to replace a batsman with a specialist bowler then its a good move, they might aswell drop any of the current two openers, really doesnt make much of a difference then. From my point of view it would be much wiser to play Umar at no.3, he looks perfect for that position. .
  18. godofcricket

    *Official* Match 24 - New Zealand v Pakistan

    I am actually very happy Pakistan lost today…all the weaknesses that they were prone to came out today…the chasing strategy, their only 3 specialist bowlers, Razzaq batting at number 8 in these pitches and also their bowling strategy. I definetly think after watching pak matches during this WC...
  19. godofcricket

    World Cup Predictions League - Round 10: Sri Lanka vs Pakistan

    I dont kow what happend to all the people this time...there were some pretty good predictors last time....guess i have to make a comeback in this..
  20. godofcricket

    *Official* Warm-up Matches Discussion

    I think pakistan missed the point of the final warm up game, the way they maneuvered the complete batting order looked as if they thought winning the game against bangladesh was enough. They should have left the experiment part in the first game and played the final batting order in this game...