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Search results

  1. KennyD

    #Link to Testing Forum#

    I love Smith so much I wanna eat his chunder.
  2. KennyD

    #Link to Testing Forum#

    But seriously...Murphy when did you come back? I had a look here for the first time in two years, wasn't going to post, but then saw your alley like return so I decided to sit with you guys for a while.
  3. KennyD

    #Link to Testing Forum#

    Ok, but just don't look at me when we do it, I feel uncomfortable about intimacy.
  4. KennyD

    #Link to Testing Forum#

    David give us a call a little later on, grab some dinner, sink some mocktails.
  5. KennyD

    #Link to Testing Forum#

    Australian Wool Testing Authority?
  6. KennyD

    #Link to Testing Forum#

  7. KennyD

    Official Rugby Thread

    Does Ben Foden really grasp how to kick effectively? He is very high drop with a high arch leg, gets under it, and can't hit distance. I like Quade.
  8. KennyD

    #Link to Testing Forum#

    a) I have been to the stars in the sky, searching for your finest pie To devour , to eat, to consume, then exert from my anus a certain fume b) Will need time to consider, as Craigos once gave me a smile that caused his face to melt off and left his previous fine reputation in tatters.
  9. KennyD

    #Link to Testing Forum#

    ^How good? Two questions, since when have you been allowed back in town after being banished, and what mystical powers have you gained?
  10. KennyD

    *Official* Dev League Sign-In (Season XIII)

    GKK Dobson CW Red
  11. KennyD

    *Official* Club Cricket Season XII-XIII

    Name: Kenny Dobson Club of application: Port of Spain Porters Email: kurat_9@hotmail.com Intentions: Bat alot. Oh, and play some cricket also.
  12. KennyD

    Pool B - Australia, Canada, Fiji, Japan, Wales

    Dobson expecting a call up from JK any day now. But seriously, I hear that they might shift Bryce Robbins to 10.
  13. KennyD

    The 2011 Rugby World Cup

  14. KennyD

    Player of the tournament?

    Smarter though, and refs just aren't willing to ping them.
  15. KennyD

    World Cup swan songs

    And how old is McAlister, 23?
  16. KennyD

    *Official* CW U19s Tour of Australia

    Good to see Benchmark keeping up the cricket in his newly adopted country of Australia after deprtation from CW.
  17. KennyD

    *Official* Cricket Web 'A' in Southern Africa

    Yeah, beats me.
  18. KennyD

    Battle of the Rugby World Cup players

    ~sigh~ Being too young, I have no idea about the 1991 WC, whilst the 1999 is distant, so I'm going to go for Johnny.