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Search results

  1. Molehill

    The Golf Thread

    there’s been some bad whinging after too from ZJ and Koepka. Picking pairs coz they like each other doesn’t seem like a winning strategy to me. Amazed Spieth is playing foursomes tomorrow, was awful today. JT got that half on his own. I doubt MacIntyre plays tomorrow, but the others will.
  2. Molehill

    Pool A - New Zealand, France, Italy, Uruguay, Namibia

    Erm…. No!! This is what happens if you let NZ play rugby and don’t tackle. The Irish won’t be so generous.
  3. Molehill

    The Golf Thread

    Half decent fightback this afternoon, but I think Donald knows where his strength is now and will surely leave MacIntyre out tomorrow, only made one birdie all round and his 3 putt on 16 has all but handed the US the match. Be amazed if Aberg doesn't get 2 rounds tomorrow. Well I say...
  4. Molehill

    The Golf Thread

    The guys on the LIV Tour haven't exactly been suggesting they should be picked. Reed is hated and not playing great, DeChambeau not great either. The one I'd have gone with though had to be DJ. He may not be playing as well, but his experience would've been vital, he also still gets on well with...
  5. Molehill

    English Domestic Season 2023

    Dawson finishes off Surrey with 4-50, 9 in the match. Has anyone mentioned that maybe he should be on the plane for India?
  6. Molehill

    The Golf Thread

    4-0 Europe and if it wasn't for the searing heat, they'd have hardly broken sweat in doing so. The 18th not seen yet. Unlike the Solheim Cup, it's hard to see how the vanquished can turn round a 4-0 deficit.
  7. Molehill

    The Golf Thread

    And the least likely to be affected by nerves too. The Burns pick is looking weird (not in great form, only plays well in Florida). Harman qualifying didn't help. As for Europe, I just love watching Aberg, the bloke is going to be a star. Hasn't even played in a Major and already won his first...
  8. Molehill

    The Golf Thread

    He's probably the second best player in their team, he ought to be playing 5 matches. Certain US players just look rusty (many have not played at all since August). That the Europeans all had a big tournament 2 weeks ago is looking like a big plus. This is looking like 3-0 and then see what...
  9. Molehill

    Pool D - England, Argentina, Japan, Samoa, Chile

    Same with the Wales/Fiji group. But my suspicion is that Wales/England will make it to the semis and then provide a pretty stern test for those who have been battering each other against the best.
  10. Molehill

    The Golf Thread

    This is looking like a strong call so far. Europe have played decently but there have been some poor shots from the US team so far. As I say that, Cantlay sticks one in the water from the middle of the fairway with his opponents in trouble.
  11. Molehill

    **Official** English Football Season 2023/24

    And Burn was good at Brighton whilst Gordon was always going to be decent. I've not seen much difference out of Targett whilst Joelinton has been helped by changing positions. I'm not knocking Howe, just not sure these are the best examples.
  12. Molehill

    The Golf Thread

    Opening Foursomes announced for the Ryder Cup, tie of the round undoubtedly Cantlay/Schauffele v McIlroy/Fleetwood. Didn't expect to see Aberg play Foursomes (with Hovland), or Straka with Lowry. I'm wondering if MacIntyre or Rose will play at all tomorrow. Edit: Apparently Donald has said that...
  13. Molehill

    Pool C - Wales, Australia, Fiji, Georgia, Portugal

    Another club gone from the 'English' ranks, even the money in Jersey couldn't save the Reds from going under.
  14. Molehill

    **Official** English Football Season 2023/24

    I think the other option would be Potter. Probably best to ignore the poisoned chalice at Chelsea and focus on his efforts at Brighton.
  15. Molehill

    NFL / NCAA Football

    You can see how much I actually take note of it, but Hill seems to offer so many options. Never quite understood why he was traded to the Dolphins, that whole draft trading thing is well beyond my understanding. I do think the Broncos were just rubbish though. The game against the Bills will...
  16. Molehill

    Caption This! - World Cup Edition

    And walks straight into a minefield when asked to select who has the best Airport Moustache!!
  17. Molehill

    *Official* Australia in India 2023

    That team surely lacks firepower in the middle. Carey is not a 5. If the openers go early, it's hard to see how a score of over 300 happens.
  18. Molehill

    posts from the future

    Congrats to GIMH for making the 10 millionth post on CW - sadly his tip of Tranmere beating Farsley Celtic in the National League North didn't come to fruition.
  19. Molehill

    **Official** English Football Season 2023/24

    Because they'll probably offer him an 8 year contract which no one else would.
  20. Molehill

    NFL / NCAA Football

    Yeah, he does seem like the Pucovski of NFL. A real talent though, and in Hill and Mostert they have a couple of superb running backs.