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Search results

  1. CodeOfWisden

    England's declaration

    I like it now, coz this will be even more insulting when Australia lose the match
  2. CodeOfWisden

    Ben Foakes

    Why did England pick Bairstow over Foakes? Same goes for Pant over Saha when Saha was clearly the better keeper, do you think around 80s or 90s anyone would pick Pant over Saha considering their glovework? Thanks to this new mindset we picked Pant and now he has developed into a good keeper...
  3. CodeOfWisden

    Who Is Your Country/Team's Second Best Left-Handed Batsman?

    Saurav Ganguly for India, considering Pant as Numero Uno
  4. CodeOfWisden

    Which bowler is the most devastating when on song?

    Stuart Broad Dale Steyn Mohd Asif Mohd Siraj will also get in here after some time
  5. CodeOfWisden

    Which bowler is the king of jaffas?

    Stuart Broad maybe...
  6. CodeOfWisden

    How do Indian fans compare the Dhoni and post-Dhoni era?

    It was hard to watch tests in Dhoni Era.
  7. CodeOfWisden

    Who do neutrals want to win?

    I want BazBall to win, sweep them 5-0 with every victory being a less than 10- run or one wicket victory.
  8. CodeOfWisden

    Ben Foakes

    I saw Foakes keeping wickets in India, not only did Pant brutally thrash him when it came to batting he also hardly dropped a catch while foakes put down many chances, it's a sham
  9. CodeOfWisden

    Ben Foakes

    Specialist keepers are a thing of the past, the likes of Knott and Healy wouldn't have had an international career in this era. Thanks to Gilchrist, Farokh, Ames for exposing these posers, Pant,Rizwan,Bairstow,Blundell,Liton will finally put the last nail on this coffin. Specialist keepers are...
  10. CodeOfWisden

    Tony Greig vs Ben Stokes

    I'll pick the racist.
  11. CodeOfWisden

    Les Ames vs BJ Watling

    Les ames was a revolutionary keeper batsman who showed the other specialist keepers that it's not necessary to be a tailender just bcoz you can keep. Les ames by a country mile.
  12. CodeOfWisden

    Raw Pace but Sprays It All Over

    Jeff Thomson
  13. CodeOfWisden

    Cricketers and their Doppelgänger

    Andy Duffrense and Steve Smith
  14. CodeOfWisden

    Batsman or Batter (Women's cricket) with the sweetest cover drive

    Ian Bell should be up there. Babar's cover drive is class. Kohli's drive is killer, pure aggression.
  15. CodeOfWisden

    Sachin Tendulkar vs Jacques Kallis

    Again with the Sachin worship. Kallis is basically Sanga + Zaheer, why would someone not take him over Tendu.
  16. CodeOfWisden

    Steve Smith vs Sachin Tendulkar

    As an Indian, for me this comparison makes no sense. I have seen Sachin feck up too many chances when pressure was on, he is nowhere near Smith as a match winner in tests. Smith is Statistically better, way more clutch and also a dominating player. Sachins modus operandi was scoring one...
  17. CodeOfWisden

    Steve Smith vs Sachin Tendulkar

    For me this is basically a no contest. Smith is way ahead of Sachin in terms of not just statistics but also impact. Sachin never had dominating series like Smith did, multiple 500+ runs series. Sachin, Lara Ponting were more or less playing at the same level, there's nothing unique about...
  18. CodeOfWisden

    Masters vs Geniuses in ATGs

    Pietersen was ATVG in tests atleast, Great in Odis and a t20 ATG.