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Search results

  1. DJellett

    What qualifies as a Wasted Talent?

    So,,, "talent" can be "wasted" by an unstable childhood, criminal stitch ups, poor health, self consciousness/fear/doubt, a lack of application to a given discipline, other distractions, or injuries...and what qualifies as a "waste of talent" is not fulfilling the subjective assessment and...
  2. DJellett

    Describe CWers with emoji

  3. DJellett

    Greatest finisher and clutch player ever?

    Michael Hussey excellent clutch and finisher. So good at knowing the scenario and also hitting the right gear pretty much straight away. Dunno as much about in the IPL but in LO for Oz he was absolutely marvellous many many times
  4. DJellett

    Australian Domestic Season 2020/21

    That's not good fielding, if he keeps his feet he completes the catch, not that the meaning of life the universe and everything ISN'T #42, but still
  5. DJellett

    Record gap between posts

    2012-2021 howd i do
  6. DJellett

    Purple Patches

    Yallop I forget the year
  7. DJellett

    Do you know this?

    "Trinidad fast bowler Mervyn Dillon and Windward Islands' Fernix Thomas were taken to hospital after being struck by lightning during a Red Stripe Bowl match" Do not go gentle into that goodnight...
  8. DJellett

    Australian Domestic Season 2020/21

    I haven't really seen Uzzies "gamecraft" as a captain long form closely, excepting scorecards, but he can act a bit gimmicky around "the boys" so I dunno how he'd go as captain of Australia from that pov - same brought Paine down a bit in my eyes - but I'd love if it could happen and he went...
  9. DJellett

    Cricketers' names: Meanings & etymology

    Will Jacks - wield ya axe
  10. DJellett

    Best Test batsman having average < 40

    Instinctive call Stephen Fleming. Then I went to check if he makes the cut and looks like he's over the 40 mark by a single run or two. Probably a point of pride, until now! Imagine there'd have to be some pretty huge candidates from the earlier years as we go deeper
  11. DJellett

    ATT: All Players

    I apologise for the continuing and until theis point unexplained delay in competition - due to unforseen circumstances, I have been unable to avail myself the usual time to dedicate to this. Rest assured the competition will resume shortly; in the mean time, please be patient - I understand the...
  12. DJellett

    OD - Round 2

    If it isn't posted shortly we will need to move on anyhow, as a FC game is scheduled for tomorrow.
  13. DJellett

    OD - Round 2

    I can't sim the game if all teams have not been submitted - currently still waiting on Howe, and as we have buffer days between matches why not utilise this to give him maximum chance?
  14. DJellett

    Silly Point - the CWC Bulletin - Submissions Welcome

    Really appreciate the extra efforts by you guys in this thread :)
  15. DJellett

    OD - Round 2

    Fardin Quyyami OD Trophy - Round 2 21/9/12 Honey Badgers v Holy Hand Grenades @ The Den (Pace 8, Movement 4, Spin 3) Legends XI v Futures XI @ Legends Oval (Pace 5, Movement 5, Spin 5) Wanderers XI v FATB C.C. @ Wanderers Oval (Pace 5, Movement 5, Spin 5) Captains, please select your XI's.
  16. DJellett

    Statistics - CricketWeb Cup T20

    Updated to match day 2.
  17. DJellett

    CricketWeb Cup T20 - Ladder

    Updated to Round 2.
  18. DJellett

    T20 - Round 2

    Wanderers XI vs Futures XI @ Wanderers Oval Wanderers XI BRM Taylor c R Vishwakarma b C Bowes 6 (7) HH Gibbs c Q de Kock b L Madushanka 58 (67) BJ Hodge c K Braithwaite b L Madushanka 21 (23) MN Samuels...