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  1. 54321

    12th Match - England v Bangladesh

    That Archer wicket where the ball hit the boundary after hitting the stumps was nuts!!! seeing that makes me believe more of that story of Kortwright bowling a bumper that reached the boundary on the full
  2. 54321

    Your gutsy calls for 2019

    Let's go one step further and say Olivier to be the highest wicket taker for the year (hopefully). Shaheen Shah Afridi to make a significant impact at the WC. Fawad Alam to eventually get a test recall, only to be dropped after a few games again. ICC gets its **** together.
  3. 54321

    *Official* Pakistan v New Zealand in the UAE 2018

    With regards to CDG does anyone think it would be better for him to come up the order. From what Ive seen since his debut, as a batsman he's very nervous at the start and does take his time before he gets some confidence. Him playing as a finisher has only resulted in him getting out to...
  4. 54321

    Australian Domestic Season 2018/19

    I'm not well versed in the Aussie domestic scene but is Joe Mennie as good as his numbers suggest? I imagine he is, however if I'm remembering right he didn't too well in the Championship this year either
  5. 54321

    Cricket Books

    Thanks for the heads up, will need to check it out. Also there's a new book about S.F Barnes on the market, "The legendary cricket genius Sydney F. Barnes" by J.L Nicholls. Looks to be about his time playing in the Welsh leagues, anyone else read this one yet?
  6. 54321

    Cricket Books

    Has anyone read 'The Demon and The Lobster'? looks like an interesting book which covers Charles Kortwright and one of the last lob bowlers, Digby Jephson. Also does anyone know of any other books which cover Kortwright himself, as his story really interests me considering he was poised as the...
  7. 54321

    Dream Match-ups

    They did play in an exhibition in 2000.Obviously not representative of Viv in his prime etc., but still a good showing. Malcolm Marshall vs every modern batsman would be a great match-up. S.F Barnes vs Don Bradman would've been the dream match-up for pre-war WW2 cricket. It's a wonder how he...
  8. 54321

    *Official* T20I Tri Series in Zimbabwe 2018

    He's played a very good 50 here, especially with Shenwari n co getting the ball to swing a bit. I also think Wellington Masakadza could develop himself into a proper batsman higher up the order. He's got a decent defensive technique and he was knocking the ball into space quite comfortably when...
  9. 54321

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    Oh wait, my bad. It's felt like ages since the announcement to me. Nonetheless, I spotted in some article that the bigwigs are gonna start looking for coaches at the end of Julyish.
  10. 54321

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    Anyone know what's going on with the coaching situation? It's been a couple of months since Hesson's announcement and I haven't heard anything about a new coach yet
  11. 54321

    The disappointment of the 2019 Cricket World Cup being a 10 team World Cup

    That was a bloody great tournament, very competitive. Sikander Raza's MOM interview was brilliant too, no BS pointing out the challenges that these associate nations face. One thing is for sure, the tournament next year is a Champions Trophy and that's all. I really hope the ICC pulls their...
  12. 54321

    John Snow, Jeff Thomson or Andy Roberts ?

    Snow is one of the most underrated English bowlers ever, was pretty much England's Lillee, not to mention having one of the best bowling actions of all time. Helping Imran Khan towards becoming the bowler that he became is also a massive plus. Lillee himself rated him high up on the pedestal of...
  13. 54321

    Historical footage: Impressions of some greats

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but this is a short doc on West Indians who played in the Lancashire League. There's a few glimpses of Constantine in action as well as other archival pictures.
  14. 54321

    ECB presents 100-ball domestic game for men and women

    I would love to see Single Wicket and Double Wicket games brought back, and it could possibly work in the modern era. The rules for each game are quite interesting too, stops it from being a simple 'less players on a big field' kind of game. Also it could be cricket's version of footy's...
  15. 54321

    ***Official*** ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2018

    This tournament has been absolute fire, great performances from EVERY team. This has already been spoken of before but the ICC could have, at the very LEAST, set up a live stream of some such for these pre-Super Six matches
  16. 54321

    Best(current) commentators

    Any love for the Supersport team? Pommie Mbangwa, Wessels, Haysman, and Pollock are a great bunch of commentators too, Pommie being one of my favourites. I know the Kiwi commentators sometimes get **** on, but when they're not being so damn biased I feel they're actually a top commentary team
  17. 54321

    Best Ever First Class Attack

    Don't know much about County Cricket but I've read abit about the county circuit back in the day and I'm sure Tom Richardson, George Lohmann and Bill Lockwood played a few matches at the same time for Surrey. And I agree S.Kennedy, CricketArchive being paywalled is an absolute bitch
  18. 54321

    Best spinner in the world today(tests) : Herath vs Ashwin vs Yasir Shah

    Good pick, I always forget about Maharaj but the guy is just quietly and slowly becoming a top notch spinner in all conditions without any fuss, while just using the same simple formula as Herath. Come to think of it, the number of world class spinners we have in operation for Internationals is...
  19. 54321

    Hiya mate, apologies for getting back to you late as I haven't logged in recently. But that's...

    Hiya mate, apologies for getting back to you late as I haven't logged in recently. But that's awesome! my email is hamz5150[at]gmail.com Thanks a bunch!
  20. 54321

    Ah I see, well thanks for the reply mate!

    Ah I see, well thanks for the reply mate!