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Search results

  1. NotMcKenzie

    Does Ben Foakes have a legitimate case for Test selection?

    It's a minor point, but I would like to indicate @Brook's side's correctness on this one, about Godfrey Evans. Wiry, not stocky. Wiry, not stocky. Wiry, not stocky. Wiry, not stocky. Wiry, not stocky.
  2. NotMcKenzie

    Wicket partnership records - retired hurt

    The two are equivalent, and 'second-wicket partnership' is a handy way of saying it because a limited and set number of wickets can fall and a wicket falling is a discrete event that separates two batsmen. The only exception is if someone retires hurt (or retires not out some other way). In...
  3. NotMcKenzie

    Wicket partnership records - retired hurt

    Someone's reading a bit too literally into terms such as 'second-wicket partnership'. It's a conventional way of naming what could be described as 'partnership between the batsman going in at three and whoever was still in after the first wicket fell'. Retired hurts aren't so common that anyone...
  4. NotMcKenzie

    Over-rates yawn

    So, is there a relationship between slower over-rates and 'high quality cricket'? As the OP alluded to, the big problem is the great yawning time when the ball is dead. High quality-cricket cannot happen when there's no cricket happening. Perhaps look at this from a non-fan's perspective. What...
  5. NotMcKenzie

    Who here actually saw Rob Quiney's 9 when it happened?

    Is there an option for 'watched, but (shamefully) doesn't remember'?
  6. NotMcKenzie

    Did the Barmy Army Trumpeter cost England the game?

    I certainly hope he did
  7. NotMcKenzie

    Which is more overrated? ( Sydney Barnes vs Jack Hobbs )

    Being a 'seamer' was still rather a new thing then. Before multiple new balls an innings, a fairly recent thing I believe at that time, the only method of moving the ball was spin whether you were slow or fast.
  8. NotMcKenzie

    Historical multi-role bowlers

    I wouldn't say that three players (whose careers all overlap, incidentally) are exactly that strong a case for it being surprising that no-one does it nowadays. I think with each of them, one type came along later than the others. Johnston started as spinner, but combined with less success...
  9. NotMcKenzie

    Rare Test Matches

    Not only rare, they are unique. After all, even if you could get the same players, same grounds, same scores, etc., playing on the same exact dates would be impossible.
  10. NotMcKenzie

    *Official* Big Bash League 12 - 2022/23

    Moises will probably remove Kerr from the Sixers group chat or whatever after this match.
  11. NotMcKenzie

    Cricket related thread that does not really deserve its own stuff

    I don't need a serious reply to my joke.
  12. NotMcKenzie

    *Official* Big Bash League 12 - 2022/23

    Perhaps the over would get stuck in an infinite loop, ending only when all the required runs have been scored.
  13. NotMcKenzie

    *Official* Big Bash League 12 - 2022/23

    The revolving cast of characters we've seen in the commentary box sure shows how little skill there is in doing it to a level that television producers deem acceptable.
  14. NotMcKenzie

    Black and white era bowlers - Spinners vs Seamers?

    'Bowler', given it was that time in cricket.
  15. NotMcKenzie

    *Official* Big Bash League 12 - 2022/23

    The boundary replays are a waste of our lives.
  16. NotMcKenzie

    *Official* Big Bash League 12 - 2022/23

    Why does K Richardson still have a career?
  17. NotMcKenzie

    *Official* Australia vs South Africa -2022/3

    Klaasen still not having a good time of it, going off his average. Erwee's also been excellent at losing his wicket by his own efforts this series.
  18. NotMcKenzie

    *Official* Big Bash League 12 - 2022/23

    I don't know where Seven gets their music from, but it is utter garbage.
  19. NotMcKenzie

    *Official* Big Bash League 12 - 2022/23

    Is the duck on Sangha’s sling a comment on his batting ability?