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Search results

  1. Bonnie Prince C

    ***Official*** ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2018

    At least Warner, Smith and Bancroft can sleep tightly knowing they are better blokes than Paul Wilson.
  2. Bonnie Prince C

    ***Official*** England in New Zealand series 2013

    Trott's nonsense between balls takes away from the enjoy-ability of his batting.
  3. Bonnie Prince C

    ***Official*** England in New Zealand series 2013

    Bell > Trott for good looking batting. Certainly a partnership at current that purists should enjoy.
  4. Bonnie Prince C

    ***Official*** England in New Zealand series 2013

    My picture is a bit laggy due to it being on a mobile, but it looked like Cook just missed a straight ball?
  5. Bonnie Prince C

    ***Official*** England in New Zealand series 2013

    Good see that you're allowed a loosener in International cricket nowadays. Umpires are nice chaps.
  6. Bonnie Prince C

    ***Official*** England in New Zealand series 2013

    England need a big performance out of Cook and Bell I feel. Having a bloke without an LA 50 at #7 shows the strength of England's batting today. Having said that anything around a par score and they should have more than enough bowling strength to win the match.
  7. Bonnie Prince C

    **Official** New Zealand in West Indies

    Commentators wondering how Samuels can bowl a 122kph fast ball? Well you see it is called throwing...
  8. Bonnie Prince C

    The Final

    Balotelli has been poor tonight.
  9. Bonnie Prince C

    The Final

    What a run from Jordi Alba for the second goal. I can't help but feel having someone called Alba being involved is the closest Scotland will ever get to a major final.
  10. Bonnie Prince C

    The Final

    Top game so far.
  11. Bonnie Prince C

    Cricket jargon pet hates

    Why does anyone bowl offspin on the same basis? I have bowled some overs of chinaman bowling in my time and I have found it pretty effective as it actually turns on tracks with very little assistance, it is easier to get bounce with compared to SLA I find and the straight one is very effective...
  12. Bonnie Prince C

    I don't actually hate Bopara thread

    Bopara is growing on me a little bit. Still don't think he is a Test match batsman though.
  13. Bonnie Prince C

    Another great idea...

    It is a really awful idea. It would just take away so much from the whole atmosphere. The same cities/countries would just get it every 4 years which would be dull. There has also been complaints about the logistical side of things for this tournament. How is that going to be any easier with...
  14. Bonnie Prince C

    Cricket jargon pet hates

    Leg-bye is wrong. As it doesn't have to hit the leg. I don't mind nicked off because I would say it is just a shorter version of nicked off the edge.
  15. Bonnie Prince C

    Salman Butt released early from prison

    Megrahi and now Butt will the British Justice System ever learn... I actually don't see it as a big deal because far more dangerous criminals get let out early all the time. Him trying to clear his name is a joke though, but given how big a joke the justice system is it will probably work...
  16. Bonnie Prince C

    No Beckham

    I can understand him not being picked. Not sure on Giggs playing though. While Giggs is still a good player I am not sure he (which may well be the case with Beckham too) has the fitness to cope with playing in a tournament. From a Scottish point of view it would have been interesting to see...
  17. Bonnie Prince C

    Idea for a revamp of Test Cricket

    The reality of it is though that it is already the case that there are nations that are not truely Test standard playing Test cricket. Bangladesh and Zimbabwe are good cricketing in nations but really they cannot compete against most of the Test nations. My idea would mostly be to encourage...
  18. Bonnie Prince C

    Idea for a revamp of Test Cricket

    I was sitting thinking about how I thought Test cricket could change for the better, including bringing in some of the better non-Test nations. I have seen some people suggest that having a 2 tier Test Championship could be one way of doing this, which is potentially where I have drawn my idea...
  19. Bonnie Prince C

    Ajmal vs Saqlain

    The ICC are a joke though...
  20. Bonnie Prince C

    "Greatest Ever" Lists - A Modern Evolution

    So what about the the advantages that modern players have compared to when Grace placed? Dodgey bowling actions, such as underarm bowling, mine field uncovered wickets, far lesser equipment. Cricket helps batsmen more and more nowadays.