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Search results

  1. akilana

    Hammond vs Kallis

    Easily better than cheater Imran.
  2. akilana

    Hadlee vs Kallis

    Lara has well rounded record as a batsman? Akram has a well rounded record as a bowler? Ambrose? Kallis average close to 55 away from him. How many other players did that in the last 30 years. I don’t care for SR. 47 is good. It’s not like Sachin has a SR in the 70s. Kallis hit 3 hundreds...
  3. akilana

    Will Virat Kohli ever score a century again?

    Temba Bavuma. Not a test hundred since 2015
  4. akilana

    Jacques Kallis vs Allan Border

    Th champ of the 90s era was S Waugh. Should be rated higher than both Sachin and Lara. Was better against better bowling attacks.
  5. akilana

    Jacques Kallis vs Allan Border

    Not really though. Lara averaged in the 40s. He had no hundred against Donald and Wasim. He had to wait for the easier batting era/ weak attacks to bring his average over 40 against SA and Pakistan. He did absolutely nothing of significant in India and NZ. Lara’s legend is based his couple...
  6. akilana

    Jacques Kallis vs Allan Border

    Both Lara and Sachin benefitted from the so called batting friendly era.
  7. akilana

    Happy birthday Jimmy

    easily an ATG bowler.
  8. akilana

    Kallis Vs Sobers

    It's not always a benefit bowling behind other great bowlers because you don't always get to bowl with the new ball and you don't get a bowl on bowling friendly pitches very often as the main bowlers would have destroyed the opposition. Sobers played 2 years longer than Kallis and bowled only...
  9. akilana

    Jacques Kallis vs Steve Waugh

    At the bottom there is a comparision with Sachin.
  10. akilana

    Jacques Kallis vs Steve Waugh

    it's to you too when it suits your argument. You used the 'average' thing in discussions of Steyn and Ambrose.
  11. akilana

    Best players to have never played Test cricket for SA, post-1991

    I think he wanted to play for SA but there has been no communication between the circus and Bedingham. SA probably lost him by now.
  12. akilana

    Mohammed Azhuruduin vs Mark Waugh

    Neither. They got caught.
  13. akilana

    CW's Ranking of All-Rounders (Tests)

    Brian McMillan
  14. akilana

    *Official* Bangladesh in South Africa 2022

    That’s because Markram had an amazing first test season and still has a better test record than Bavuma. It’s hard to drop him and keep picking up a failure like Bavuma. His ceiling is higher than anybody in the side if he figures it out again. They didn’t give the same opportunities to Van...
  15. akilana

    CW's Ranking of All-Rounders (Tests)

    kind of misleading. He averages 53 if you ignore Bangaladesh and Zimbabwe, which is higher than most ATGs overall averages. But he averages 56 since the start of 2000 against non-minnows over 126 test matches.
  16. akilana

    CW's Ranking of All-Rounders (Tests)

    don't make excuse for Dravid. I saw Dravid all of his career too. He was just as dour or even more.
  17. akilana

    Wasim Akram vs Fred Trueman

    Akram and Waqar played in the 90s.
  18. akilana

    Best team since Waugh/ Ponting’s Australia?

    This side will beat the current Indian side but not the 2010 side.
  19. akilana

    Best team since Waugh/ Ponting’s Australia?

    I don't think that's true about SA. That wasn't the criticism levelled at SA. The main criticism is that they didn't win more than they should have because they had a few ATGs. I remember at the time people always gave credit to SA for refusing to die and lose a test series. They often made...
  20. akilana

    Imran Khan vs Dale Steyn

    How do you explain his 26 fifers and 27 four-fers? Then it will reflect on his average. Why isn’t Imran’s average so much better if he was just as good as Steyn at ripping through sides but also very good at damage control if things weren’t going well for him? Steyn was taking 5 wickets per...