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Search results

  1. R_Powell_fan

    **SEASON 4** Update

    Hi guys, haven't visited the site for about two weeks, I'm sorry i was very busy..... kay Liam, thanks for the hard work. see you later...
  2. R_Powell_fan

    Giving up the gloves

    How about recalling Eyes-Only.
  3. R_Powell_fan

    Season 3 - Round 2

    Statistically, I WAS a better batsman than Mr.Ponting last season, I scored more runs, his average is higher due to his high percentage of Not Outs which is because he bats lower down the order.
  4. R_Powell_fan

    Season 3 - Round 1

    Neil was right when he said Liam couldn't hurt a fly, physically that is...... however he does have other ways of commanding discpline. Mr.Ponting just got carried away.... As his collegue for more than a season I feel sorry for him, however, I think Liam wants to ensure no more objects are...
  5. R_Powell_fan

    Youth World Cup - February 2004

    Agreed on that.
  6. R_Powell_fan

    The Clash of the Titans : Episode 1

    Oh well, you CWXI guys were really looking for revenge weren't you.......:rolleyes: Congrats on the good game. Still we outclassed you in 5D:P :P My OD bowling seems to be improving as well, though the R/O is still high.
  7. R_Powell_fan

    Youth World Cup - February 2004

    Actually Nepal is much better than the UAE @ the U-19 level, in fact miles better.
  8. R_Powell_fan

    The Clash of the Titans : Episode 1

    Oh yeah.... Superb performances with the ball and bat by me ......simply amazing, thanks to Umpire Money for believing in Me and letting me open the innings with Mr.Ponting..... 7 wickets as well as a 50 and a century.....
  9. R_Powell_fan

    *Official* All-Star Discussion and Results

    Awww, horrible, simply horrible preformance by me in both all star games, oh well:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  10. R_Powell_fan

    *Official* Season 2 Playoffs

    Yay, we've done it guys, congratulations to all on a well deserved victory. Liam:- congrats as coach and manager of the Dev squad, lets hope this can spur us onto winning the 5D next season. BTW:- can you post the averages, I'm sure my 5D batting stats aren't that bad, but my bowling needs to...
  11. R_Powell_fan

    The West Indies cricket discussion thread

    IMO, In ODIs Lara MUST Come in at No.3, both statistics and observations of how he plays have proven that he bats better at No.3. Sarwan looks good in any position, I remember Boycott being hard pressed on him opening because he is just so impressive but I feel he should bat at 4 or 5 in ODIs...
  12. R_Powell_fan

    *Official* All-Star Discussion and Results

    quick, hide (edit) them before Neil gets here!!!!!!:D :D :D
  13. R_Powell_fan

    Round 4 (Season 2) - Final Round

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Liam, I hope to able to repay you in the ubcoming matches!
  14. R_Powell_fan

    Round 3 (Season 2)

    Useful preformance with the ball, I'm aiming to be more consistent with the ball, I did once get a five-for in one of the five day matches didn't I, however my bowling average isn't as good as my wanted.
  15. R_Powell_fan

    CWXI Development League

    bugssy, I like your self-propulsion and confidence, the fact of the matter is that you leapfrogged me by a mile, keep it going!
  16. R_Powell_fan

    The West Indies cricket discussion thread

    Aaaaaannnnnnnddddddd there's Ricardo Powell....... ................ ................ ................ okay, but he can improve!
  17. R_Powell_fan

    Round 3 (Season 2)

    Good match guys, thats the way, lets improve on it now! Very Economical figures in the first innings for me and also in the second as well as a wicket. Useful with the bat as well, i'm getting better. Thats two matches my name has been in the coach's summary...:D :D :D
  18. R_Powell_fan

    What a test debut!

    Question:- Didn't Taufeeq Umar also score a centuty on debut against Bangladesh..... How well has fared against the good teams?
  19. R_Powell_fan

    The West Indies cricket discussion thread

    IMO, In Jermaine Lawson, the West Indies have indeed found a potentially great talent, I cannot comment on either Edwards or Taylor. WI need the experienced guys like Dillon, Drakes, and Collymore in the side to guide these young guns, and to give them confidence which is a very important thing...
  20. R_Powell_fan

    Round 3 (Season 2)

    ***Pep up speech**** Alright guys, come on, LETS DO IT, This is a make or break match in terms of our dignity and whether or not we belong at the top. Who is the captain, he should be providing the speeches in these difficult times!