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Search results

  1. Dasa

    Are England The Real Deal?

    Haha, predicting a won or possibly drawn series is being arrogant now?
  2. Dasa

    Are England The Real Deal?

    Care to point those arrogant Indian fans out?
  3. Dasa

    *Official* - India in West Indies

    Nah not really.
  4. Dasa

    *Official* - India in West Indies

    Yeah I have no issues with this. A fair bit of overreaction going on imo. The new crop have to be tried out at some point.
  5. Dasa

    Best innings in a bad pitch.

    Nah, it was a regular fifth day pitch, nothing particularly untoward about it. Lara's innings was amazing enough, you don't have to big it up more by saying the pitch was a minefield or whatever.
  6. Dasa

    Poll - Bradman v Tendulkar

    Awta x100.
  7. Dasa

    Tendulkar vs Ponting - who will win the battle of 100's?

    Dravid 2007 Average: 57.46 100s: 24 50s: 47 Dravid 2011 Average: 52.44 100s: 31 50s: 59
  8. Dasa

    *Official* - Final - India v Sri Lanka

    http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/ashes-2010-2011/48859-great-play-guys.html :confused1
  9. Dasa

    Very balanced article from Dilshan

    Insightful as always.
  10. Dasa

    Very balanced article from Dilshan

    Yeah fair enough, it's not much more, but it is more. I disregard the intensity argument because there are so many variables. For instance, I reckon the intensity levels in the 7 ODI series, or the First Class matches before/in between the Ashes Tests weren't very high. I also think the...
  11. Dasa

    Very balanced article from Dilshan

    Dissector is correct. Disregarding the intensity argument (which imo doesn't have much merit and certainly can't be measured): England has played 55 days of cricket in the last six months, consisting of five Tests, four First Class Tour Matches, one List-A match (against PMs XI), 14 ODIs, two...
  12. Dasa

    Players you hated at first, but now love?

    I'm still holding out hope for Yashpal Singh. Absolute gun in ICC.
  13. Dasa

    Players you hated at first, but now love?

    awta re. Gambhir. I always thought he wasn't cut out for the highest level and was too loose around the off stump but he's proven me and all doubters wrong again and again. One of my favourites in the Indian team right now.
  14. Dasa

    ***Official*** DRS discussion thread

    Nothing about having to stick with the onfield decision, so it'd be nice if people didn't keep stating that as if it's gospel.
  15. Dasa

    Players with misleading averages....

    Seriously don't get the KP love. Imo there's no comparison with him and Sanga, the latter is for me a long way ahead. It sometimes seems like Pietersen is rated on how he approaches the game rather than his results - he's full of bluster and looks attacking and likes to hit audacious shots, but...
  16. Dasa

    Players that are the most overated by CW posters.

    Ponting's fielding counts for nowhere near as much in Tests - he can catch well, but so can Tendulkar, and the ground fielding is nowhere near as important as in ODIs. Certainly not enough to make up any perceived gap between he and Tendulkar in batting. In ODIs, Tendulkar is imo comfortably...
  17. Dasa

    Players that are the most overated by CW posters.

    awta so much.
  18. Dasa

    ***Official*** Spot-Fixing Scandal

    It's a strange world where I'm pretty much in complete agreement with social.
  19. Dasa

    Test match Records that will never be broken !!

    Um, no. Bradman does not have the highest Test batting average, it's as simple a fact as 1+1=2. That he doesn't is no comment on his ability as a player nor is it suggesting that any batsmen were greater - it's just a simple fact that there is at least one player with a higher batting average...
  20. Dasa

    Rahul Dravid - What would you do? Is he still one of India's 6 best batsman?

    Badrinath has a First Class average of 62.