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Search results

  1. Langeveldt

    ***Official*** India in Australia 2014-5

    The Tunein app seems to work, I get TMS in South Africa even though its rights restricted to the UK. Being on the Apple IStore I also imagine it's legal
  2. Langeveldt

    ***Official*** India in Australia 2014-5

    I've seen a program called ABC Grandstand. I'll be recording it overnight so I obviously want to make sure that's where the cricket's at.
  3. Langeveldt

    ***Official*** India in Australia 2014-5

    Can someone tell me which station to tune into for radio coverage of this series? Using the iphone Tunein app
  4. Langeveldt

    Vale Phillip Hughes

    Rushed downstairs this morning to check the news as I had a feeling we were all in for bad news today, but yeah lost for words. I raged at the runs he scored against South Africa and this brings everything into perspective, a mighty fine player whose life was cut short just when we were all...
  5. Langeveldt

    ***Official*** England in Sri Lanka 2014

    A nice, steady start here from England. At this rate they should get above 250!
  6. Langeveldt

    ***Official*** England in Sri Lanka 2014

    Agreed, I feel sorry for the umpire though, both times it "looked" out.
  7. Langeveldt

    ***Official*** England in Sri Lanka 2014

    Haha get out of there Cook
  8. Langeveldt

    ***Official*** England in Sri Lanka 2014

    Anyone having trouble listening to this with the cacophony of plastic horns going on? Reminds me of the football world cup with the vuvuzelas. Wish they would turn the FX microphone down
  9. Langeveldt

    ***Official*** New Zealand Domestic Season 2014/15

    Georgie Pie Super Smash? Is this for real?
  10. Langeveldt

    ***Official*** West Indies in India 2014

    Port Elizabeth is going to miss out on a test match later this year at the hands of the greedy West Indies players and their incompetent board, which is not fair as we don't get much international cricket. Why can't we lose these jokers and get someone like Ireland in, or even Afghanistan? Never...
  11. Langeveldt

    Cricket in Pictures

    Thank you, was an amazing game, Australia deserved to win the series but I don't have any photos of them doing well in Port Elizabeth
  12. Langeveldt

    Cricket in Pictures

    Here's a few I took from Australia's visit to SA early this year.
  13. Langeveldt

    Who is/was the ultimate, most proficient and masterful medium-paced-dibbly-dobbler?

    Chris Harris would give me nightmares
  14. Langeveldt

    10 Years On

    It is great, as a cricket fan, to know that most of the sport's greatest heroes are not nearly as spoiled by fame and fortune as some other professional athletes around the world can
  15. Langeveldt

    It's Tough Being Me - The Kevin Pietersen Story

    Yeah I enjoyed Crowe's piece.. It really is a sad state of affairs, two wrongs definitely not making a right. Everything has been discussed to death, but three points come to mind. 1- Taking the spotlight away from KP slightly regarding England's fortunes, has one player (Mitchell Johnson)...
  16. Langeveldt

    ***Official*** New Zealand in the West Indies 2014

    Haha worth staying awake for
  17. Langeveldt

    ***Official*** New Zealand in the West Indies 2014

    The youngster getting held up like that lion from the Lion King
  18. Langeveldt

    ***Official*** New Zealand in the West Indies 2014

    Sun is still out