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Search results

  1. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** England in New Zealand 2018

    The light is certainly starting to fade quickly here (about 3km from the ground). May not be all that long to go tbh.
  2. BackFootPunch

    Australian Domestic Season 2017/18

    Beautiful day for it at the SCG. I quite like the look of the way Patterson is playing this spinner.
  3. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** New Zealand Domestic Season 2017/18

    Would be surprised if they get it in. Been raining pretty steadily here all day and hasn't looked like letting up.
  4. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** New Zealand Domestic Season 2016/17

    The preview of the Dunedin club cricket season out today mentions Joe Austin-Smellie is back into it. Interesting move, considering there's been a lack of a back-up keeping option for DdB for the last few years. Max Chu is probably the young kid they're looking at currently, but he's still at...
  5. BackFootPunch

    Gibberish surrounding rain made to sound like a real issue

    The 2013 Aus/NZ match in Birmingham got rained off, too, no?
  6. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** New Zealand Domestic Season 2016/17

    Ooof, how good does Smith look? Kid's got class.
  7. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** New Zealand Domestic Season 2016/17

    Cam Fletcher probably worth including. Llew Johnson from Otago would be worth a look if you can get footage from the U19 or A tournies.
  8. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** New Zealand Domestic Season 2016/17

    Easy to see why there are a few people who think he might end up in a role a bit like the guy he batted with for most of yesterday.
  9. BackFootPunch

    Ooof, yeah they're the worst with getting things done. Have you got your provisional...

    Ooof, yeah they're the worst with getting things done. Have you got your provisional registration underway at all? Mine took 6ish weeks, from memory, after I got it all sent off to them. Then you'll have to get a salary assessment sorted before you get paid properly, but should get a pretty...
  10. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** New Zealand Domestic Season 2016/17

    They're selecting an U18 team after this U19 tournament and they'll play in the National A comp early next month, which means they'll obviously only be picking guys who are eligible for the World Cup next year. I think Rachin Ravindra and Finn Allen are both good to go again, so the batting...
  11. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** New Zealand Domestic Season 2016/17

    Ben is Brendon's nephew, I think. Interesting to see him captaining the Canterbury U19 side actually - they obviously rate his leadership very highly.
  12. BackFootPunch

    *Official* Bangladesh in New Zealand 2016/2017

    Really like the Broom selection here and reckon he should get a crack in Tests too. There's been a lot of talk about who should bat 5 and most of the contenders either seem to not quite have it for that spot (Nicholls, the all-rounders) or are a touch green (Bruce, Young isn't converting yet...
  13. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** Australia vs New Zealand ODIs 2016/17

    This is an exhibition. Outrageous stuff. And outrageously bad from the bowlers.
  14. BackFootPunch

    CricSim ****

    Yeah I've given up because of the deceptive site ahead stuff. Cbf having to go through that every time I open it.
  15. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** Pakistan in New Zealand 2016/17

    Can't imagine they were really close to starting at any point today. When it rained, which it did for most of the day here, it really pissed down. There's still a bit of wind around though, so hopefully that'll help with the drying overnight and blow away all this **** weather. They haven't...
  16. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** New Zealand tour of Zimbabwe and South Africa 2016

    Yeah that doesn't look particularly out. Tough call.
  17. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** New Zealand Domestic Season 2015/16

    Smith turns down Otago contract in favour of school Have a read of this, Kippax. Loyal Otago bloke and smart about his future, too. This kid's gonna go places.
  18. BackFootPunch

    ***Official*** New Zealand Domestic Season 2015/16

    Maaate, you're dreaming. There's every chance he gets an Otago contract, let's be honest.