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Search results

  1. 2

    Which pacers would you rank ahead of Murali and Warne as bowlers?

    Marshall ahead of all, ask any batsman of his era
  2. 2

    *Official* Australia in India 2023

    Hope Siraj enjoys is only over
  3. 2

    *Official* Australia in India 2023

    What would Agar be feeling, picked to tour and is so far down the pecking order, probably not needed really by WA either!
  4. 2

    Is AB de Villiers an ATG test batsman?

    ...just wondering when AB was last mentioned in this thread
  5. 2

    Is AB de Villiers an ATG test batsman?

    He is a ATG simply from his extraordinary 149 from 44
  6. 2

    Is Jadeja an ATG test cricketer?

    Vinoo Mankad and Kapil Dev are ahead of him, so would not be in my top 10
  7. 2

    *Official* Australia in India 2023

    no need to wait, the best team in the world begins their campaign in five hours time
  8. 2

    Arun Finch announces international retirement

    Maybe get his name right in the title thread Burgey, since he has just retired...just saying..well done Aaron
  9. 2

    Series predictions

    India vs Australia Series Result: India 2 Australia 2 Most runs: Khawaja Most wickets: Ashwin Surprise feature: India don't win series at home Ashes 2023 Series Result: England 2 Australia 2 Most runs: Root Most wickets: Boland Surprise feature: Boland plays all five tests WTC Final To...
  10. 2

    Bada$$ Names in Cricket History

    Brian Boobbyer, played for Oxford in early 50s, seems like the students paid for more than their education
  11. 2

    *Official* Big Bash League 12 - 2022/23

    Gee the Hurricanes are so disappointing, my expectations were low against the Scorchers but they play so dumb
  12. 2

    Who is the greatest English bowler of all time?

    Barnes is fabled by his contemporaries and well versed historians as the GOAT, this IMO gives him the nod. The best of his era and as no one is alive today that saw him, hard to dispute is greatness.
  13. 2

    Group 1 (Afghanistan, Australia, England, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Ireland)

    Maxwell is so overdue for a score, feel this is his night
  14. 2

    Group A - Namibia, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates

    Thank was a lovely inswinger from Junaid, slippery customer and then Rizwan does that!
  15. 2

    Group A - Namibia, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates

    Poor shot from Ackerman, UAE well and truly back in this
  16. 2

    RIP Richie Benaud

    Horse called Benaud running in tomorrow's Caulfield Cup
  17. 2

    Cricket dream battles

    The Don against Warne
  18. 2

    Best players who were not given enough chances by the management

    Stuart Law and Brad Hodge primarily. Dean Jones should've played double the Tests he did
  19. 2

    Pre WW1 all time xi selection

    ...looking at finally getting George in as an all rounder first change, but votes for opening up will do