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Search results

  1. G

    *Official* T20 and ODI matches

    finn bowls at 95mph?
  2. G

    where would england rank among the great sides of the past?

    i dont think you can compare this current england team to any great sides. As a team we are good but definately not great. They done amazing to draw away in south africa but the 05 team won in south africa. 05 could be compared with great sides for a brief period of time but it didnt last long...
  3. G

    Who should be England's third seamer?

    after all this time, i now trust the selectors. They know best.
  4. G

    *Official* England in South Africa

    they haven't exactly set the world alight. still prefer atherton and butcher
  5. G

    *Official* England in South Africa

    how good is this mark davies bloke? im not suprised the whole durham bowling unit are or have been in the squad, they have been storming the county championship for ages. whenever i see the durham scorecard so many of the batsmen read LBW Davies etc. i personally would go with the highly...
  6. G

    Congrats England

    woooo woooooooooooooooooo we winn! hope theres some celebrations like last time, not for the players though lol. cant believe its the same pitch that we bowled them out for 160. celeeebrations time cmon. the ashes are home! whens the next one down under? about time we had a good showing down...
  7. G

    Should Brett Lee be selected for the Ashes?

    ok we'll see how many runs kp makes in this series then. i thought being personally offensive was against the forum rules? or am i wrong? am i allowed to be personally offensive? hmm
  8. G

    Steve Harmison

    no way saj mahmood can do what harmison done...
  9. G

    Reverse Swing

    they usually come from people who have dodgy wide angled arm actions. but not always cause simon jones done it with a normal action and he was amazing. most loser whiners try and call it cheating
  10. G

    Should Brett Lee be selected for the Ashes?

    so why does kp keep getting out for single digit scores so often now? please point me in the direction of those statisticy sites? when was his last big ton?
  11. G

    The greatest EVER cricket series/match/test/ashes!

    anniversary as in the first time since last time. its actually just been published on the bbc cricket site yesterday. its not something i picked up from years ago
  12. G

    Simon Katich

    katich got taken by rashid lol he has a rubbish record in england, was the worst player last home series. i heard he's improved though
  13. G

    How Many Centuries Will Phil Hughes Score?

    the lions game was on the slowest pitch in the country and hughes still got shattered by harmi
  14. G

    England 17-man squad

    after being englands unsung saviour for many years hoggard had 1 bad game/series and was slapped in the face by the ecb harder than ... the ecb hate him now so he will never be in contention for anything again
  15. G

    Steve Harmison

    . darren gough speaks his own mind. he has no written script that he has to keep to. he's free to say whatever he wants.
  16. G

    How Many Centuries Will Phil Hughes Score?

    . like glenn mgrath yeah? you saying he wasn't a bowler? :wacko:
  17. G


    . australia were saved by the RAIN. we were all over them. saved from embarrasing scores by their tailenders usually. hoggard had some clear cut lbw's go against him. could've easily been 3-1
  18. G

    Waqar Younus master of Revers swinging Yorker

    both great. wasim could bat aswell yea michael vaughn bowled a ripper lol
  19. G

    Steve Harmison

    harmis bowling brilliantly and got a number on hughes who was scoring centurys before he met harmison. broad is a very good batsmen also but he hasn't been astronimical at bowling this year. harmi also has vital experience, unleash him! the aussies are scared of him. darren gough said it...
  20. G

    The greatest EVER cricket series/match/test/ashes!

    its the anniversary of the last ashes home series. are we not allowed to reminisce? the timings appropriate