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Search results

  1. Debris

    20th Match - Sri Lanka v Australia

    Australia tried this a couple of World Cups ago with McGrath. Did not go well and he was nearly as good a bowler as Cummins.
  2. Debris

    Rank the World Cups from best to worst

    The length of the tournament could be fixed by having multiple games on a day. That would cut two weeks off at least.
  3. Debris

    Confirmed: Rabada banned for two matches

    This is not going to happen but I wish we could just stop fielding teams acting like drooling idiots every time they take a wicket. The fact that there is a small but real chance of being fined or banned for doing it makes me very happy. And yes, I am annoyed by some of the more recent...
  4. Debris

    ***Official*** Australia in South Africa 2018

    It stretches incredulity a bit to believe that Sarwan did not know. McGrath missed the first two tests because of it and the story was plastered everywhere. Glenn McGrath to return to West Indies, subject to Jane McGrath's health | Cricket | ESPNcricinfo
  5. Debris

    ***Official*** Australia in South Africa 2018

    I am not really a fan of Bancroft either (how bad was Renshaw really?) but I think he has played few enough tests that you can possibly justify sticking with him. Khawaja is getting to the point where you might just have to accept that he is bad. He might prove us all wrong next test but you...
  6. Debris

    ***Official*** Australia in South Africa 2018

    The narrative is that he is good at home and **** away. What country was that century scored in again? Do you think selectors might have noticed?
  7. Debris

    Patto for county

    But not better than Cummins, obviously.
  8. Debris

    ***Official*** 5th Test at the SCG

    To be fair, the best case scenario is your night watchman makes a quality double hundred which he can then live off for the rest of his life.
  9. Debris

    ***Official*** 5th Test at the SCG

    I think there is a good case for not using a night watchman. It throws your batting line-up out of wack and a batman is usually wasted anyway. #stevewaughthoughts
  10. Debris

    ***Official*** 5th Test at the SCG

    I think you misread the poll. It says biggest, not best, so Kohli is easy winner here.
  11. Debris

    ***Official*** 4th Test at the MCG

    Pattinson and Coulter-Nile not fit enough and Sayers and Siddle offer much the same as Bird. The selectors could go left field and pick Swepson if conditions suit and England could pick Crane. We could have a battle of the young leggies if we are really lucky.
  12. Debris

    James Anderson says Australia is bullying England

    The Australians would be delighted if England did that. Very helpful if all the England fast bowlers were banned from bowling again in the innings.
  13. Debris

    The Steven Smith Question

    Channel 9 has this statistic and they occasionally will show it on-screen during a match. Just need to convince them to publish it on a website somewhere.
  14. Debris

    ***Official*** 4th Test at the MCG

    Your memory is being a bit selective here. You need to go back and watch Glenn McGrath against the West Indies in 94/95. There was no holding back due to opposition having bowlers of similar or greater pace and ability and I don't think anyone is claiming McGrath is a great batsman. The...
  15. Debris

    ***Official*** 4th Test at the MCG

    Or they have some perspective and realise that it was a freak accident and that most competitive sport contains some risk. The rule you are talking about certainly would not have helped him.
  16. Debris

    ***Official*** 3rd Test at the WACA

    It is a refreshing change from the four out, all out theory that Australia have been working on recently.
  17. Debris

    ***Official*** 3rd Test at the WACA

    When did we start talking about fictional characters on this forum?
  18. Debris

    england have scarred Australia

    Those are probably best described as self-inflicted.
  19. Debris

    ***Official*** 3rd Test at the WACA

    Geez. The armchair selectors in this forum are cut-throat. Talked about as the best bowler in the world before this series and 2 mediocre performances (not bad, but mediocre) on return from injury and people are already talking about turfing him. Saved at the last moment, I guess.