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Search results

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    ICC Greatest World Cup XI selector

    Gilchrist Jayasuriya Tendulkar Ponting Sangakkara Lara Khan Warne Akram McGrath Murali
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    The rate of 10 outs in 20 overs

    Average wickets for full 50 overs is 7.1 as well fwiw
  3. G

    The rate of 10 outs in 20 overs

    7.1 wickets per innings 2092 in 6972 = 30%. This is only for ODIs.
  4. G

    The rate of 10 outs in 20 overs

    117 innings out of 768 in international innings= ~15% 6.3 number of wickets per innings.
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    ***Official*** Australia in South Africa 2013/14

    Courtesy of Reddit Match thread: South Africa v Australia at Centurion, 1st Test - day 4 : Cricket Gfycat - jiffier gifs through HTML5 Video Conversion. Fast, simple gif hosting without size limits. and Cricket - Jiffier gifs through HTML5 Video Conversion.
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    *Official* Second Test at the Adelaide Oval

    All-round records | Test matches | Cricinfo Statsguru | ESPN Cricinfo 2elite4me ps 103 runs
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    Wisden names All Time World XI

    Hard to disagree to much with that XI. I think the most contentious places in the squad are Knott (plethora of alternatives), Warne (Murali), Grace / Barnes (depending on stance of pre WWI cricketers) and Akram (Lillee, McGrath, Imran etc etc)
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    Contentious decisions, UDRS, Wambulance Thread.

    Ain't that the truth. Australia by no means have "pissed away their chances" as some here have suggested, but have no chance when Dar makes the worst decision of the series thus far. That's all.
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    **Official Comm Bank Series - Aus, Ind & SL ODI's***

    Not sure about the first case, but Dan Christian's is the 4th losing hat-trick in ODI cricket. All relatively recently. 3rd ODI: Zimbabwe v Bangladesh at Harare, Aug 2, 2006 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo - Hossain - 6 off the last ball to lose though 2nd Match: Australia v New Zealand...
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    Do 2 wrongs make a right?

    Riiiiiiiiiichard where are you?
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    ***Official*** India in Australia 2011/12

    Cheers mate.
  12. G

    ***Official*** India in Australia 2011/12

    Anyone know who the fat man with Clarke during the Anthem was? I presume a former player... but nfi
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    Steve Waugh v Shane Warne

    Did anyone else read that as prettiest?
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    Which cricketer has the most complete record?

    then do a little bit of maths...
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    Test match Records that will never be broken !!

    This thread is DIRE...:dry::ph34r::sleep::-O:huh::laugh::happy::unsure::mellow:8-) p.s amidoingitrite?!
  16. G

    Your favourite player from each team ?

  17. G

    Last Man Standing: Ashes 2010/11

    No No
  18. G

    Last Man Standing: Ashes 2010/11

    Hmmm, I thought England for 551 last time. So the answer is No to question 4 (assuming no more play by COB day 3)
  19. G

    Long term bets..

    I get to personalise the message? If so, I'm taking this bet.
  20. G

    Last Man Standing: Ashes 2010/11

    All over red rover.