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Search results

  1. Red_Ink_Squid

    Marnus Labuschagne on course to be Australia greatest test match batsman

    Just think: he's probably less than half way through his Test career. Projecting forwards then, we can expect him to have achieved an average rating of ~2000 by the time he's done.
  2. Red_Ink_Squid

    Number of tests draft

    Stephen Finn?
  3. Red_Ink_Squid

    Geoffrey Boycott vs Younis Khan

    Two players whose legacies are forever entwined. It is impossible for someone to think of Younis without also thinking of Geoffrey, and vice versa.
  4. Red_Ink_Squid

    How many grounds have you watched cricket at?

    I think just 4. Mostly Edgbaston and Headingley, with a couple of trips each to Trent Bridge and The Oval.
  5. Red_Ink_Squid

    Guess the cricketer from their stats

    Rule was in the OP you heathen. :) Richie Benaud for yours?
  6. Red_Ink_Squid

    Guess the cricketer from their stats

    So confident you posted the next question before answering! ...but yeah, it's Dhoni, good shout.
  7. Red_Ink_Squid

    Guess the cricketer from their stats

    Which former captain boasts these Test batting averages? @3 – 105.00 @5 – 27.00 @6 – 55.36 @7 – 30.54 @8 – 69.77
  8. Red_Ink_Squid

    Guess the cricketer from their stats

    Moeen it is!
  9. Red_Ink_Squid

    Guess the cricketer from their stats

    Which Test cricketer has these averages by batting position: #1 - 16.5 #2 - 12.75 #3 - 14.5 #4 - 51.2 #5 - 30.28 #6 - 21.5 #7 - 33.87 #8 - 26.48 #9 - 33.0 ?
  10. Red_Ink_Squid

    Guess the cricketer from their stats

    Already guessed: A: Alec Stewart B: Flower C: Wade D: Jonny Bairstow E: AB de Villiers F: Chandimal G: Kumar Sangakkara J: Buttler Assuming those are correct it leaves an Indian and a West Indian for H & I. H looks like Shai Hope Could I be Karthik? If not I'm struggling for ideas.
  11. Red_Ink_Squid

    Glenn McGrath vs Shaun Pollock

    Copying Sanga's sledges I see. Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
  12. Red_Ink_Squid

    Sachin Tendulkar vs Jacques Kallis

    To paraphrase our own @Prince EWS, "numbers" is not the same as "career Test average". Averages are a useful stat but they don't give you the full picture on their own. To pick your example above, Grace's Test average won't tell you that he was one of the greatest players in the history of the...
  13. Red_Ink_Squid

    DoG's ODI Batting and Bowling Performances

    How would Chris Woakes 95* vs Sri Lanka (Nottingham, 2016) rate?
  14. Red_Ink_Squid

    *Official* Sri Lanka in New Zealand 2022/23

    Aww man, I didn't even realise this series had started. :dontgetit
  15. Red_Ink_Squid

    *Official* South Africa vs West Indies in SA 2023

    It's like 3 Temba innings all at once!
  16. Red_Ink_Squid

    Mahela Jayawardene vs Aravinda de Silva

    To be fair to Himann, if a world famous sportsman spat at you (I mean literally, spat in your face!) when you asked for their autograph, you'd probably hold a grudge too.
  17. Red_Ink_Squid

    *Official* South Africa vs West Indies in SA 2023

    To be fair he's showed a marked improvement with the bat Test-to-Test so far in his captaincy...