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Search results

  1. shortpitched713

    Aleem Dar versus Simon Taufel

    Do we have stats on their respective DRS reviews? I think there was something I saw or read on Dar's stat's being some ridiculous number, and I voted him just for that, but wonder if there is any objective way to make this comparison.
  2. shortpitched713

    Sachin Tendulkar vs Jacques Kallis

    Marshall wasn't a batting bunny. He was closer to a Warne/Lee rather than an actual bowling all-rounder, but he was nowhere near McGrath, which complicates this comparison a bit. I think it's very plausible to pick Marshall over McGrath, even if you think as I do, that McGrath was the better bowler.
  3. shortpitched713

    Glenn McGrath vs Shaun Pollock

    Always picking Pollock first in a straight draft, same with Hadlee.
  4. shortpitched713

    Sachin Tendulkar vs Jacques Kallis

    Think they're underrated, because even in an ATG team against other ATG competition you're expecting something, from them with their secondary discipline, as opposed to nothing. If you look at a really, really good part timer like Tendulkar, you might never throw him the ball in an important...
  5. shortpitched713

    Why did Shane Warne struggle so much against India

    Something something sample size maybe? I dunno, I think a lot is sometimes made out of this stuff. For whatever reason he found it tough, and the Indian batting lineup was probably about the toughest players of spin you could find in the world. Ultimately I think he could have figured it out...
  6. shortpitched713


    I can't agree with an umpire's view on this because he will be biased in keeping him (or his currently working umpire buddy's) jobs intact as much as possible. I'd say remove as many of the umpire's calls as possible, because the technology is inherently much more objective, and proven...
  7. shortpitched713

    Finger spinner success and allowing chucking

    Yeah, it doesn't matter. Whichever works should continue. That said, I don't think either spin, ( or even pace :laugh: ) is going anywhere. Just the roles are different depending on conditions and availability of quality bowlers.
  8. shortpitched713

    Which aspects of test cricket have regressed in the current era?

    The art of bore drawing matches has waned.
  9. shortpitched713

    Finger spinner success and allowing chucking

    You don't have to throw to be a good bowler, of any variety. Also, if finger-spin bowling (or even spin bowling altogether) were to hypothetically go extinct, then I say let it burn.
  10. shortpitched713

    Weekes vs Barrington vs Walcott

    Nah, it's simple really. I am of the latter group. The one that enjoys the art of batsmanship, of dominance and aggression in play, and the sheer joy of smacking the **** out of the ball. I'm not beholden by the parochial considerations of English fans whose only colnnection to Hobbs is a...
  11. shortpitched713

    Above Expectations and a Basic MVP Model - The Fast Bowlers

    Rumpity bump, do spinners come out trumps?
  12. shortpitched713

    Dear Mohammad Asif

    **** off, k Sincerely, shortpitched713
  13. shortpitched713

    Did the Barmy Army Trumpeter cost England the game?

    This is the silliest premise for a thread I've seen in a bit... I wholeheartedly approve. :laugh:
  14. shortpitched713

    Which team is currently the best, in 2023?

    You can't inb4 like that. It's not cricket.
  15. shortpitched713

    *Official* New zealand vs England {2 Test} Feb 16-28, 2023 in nz

    As if a pitch had anything to do with that.
  16. shortpitched713

    Above Expectations and a Basic MVP Model - The Fast Bowlers

    @Flem274* are you making these tweaks and updates to each player manually? If so, and you need some help, just let me know. Me and spreadsheets, and data entry have a bit of a history together.
  17. shortpitched713

    Jacques Kallis - Still Underrated?

    Kallis never comes up in CW cricket chat conversations, nor is he ever compared with other great players. Wonder when CW will discover the fine lad and his cricket contributions. Clearly still underrated, especially in drafts where he never goes in early rounds.
  18. shortpitched713

    Which team is currently the best, in 2023?

    Don't tar us all with this allegation. I only do this when it's Pak v Ind H2H. In which case I know for a fact that Naseem Shah > Bumrah, Yasir Shah > Ashwin and Abdullah Shafique > Sharma and we would sweep you anytime, anyplace you had the guts to face us, rankings or whatever be damned!
  19. shortpitched713

    Ridiculous Comparisons (and any other draft related items) that don't deserve their own thread

    Modern players only ( 70- ) version of a self draft I did. Team 1 Sunil Gavaskar Virender Sehwag Viv Richards * Jacques Kallis Javed Miandad Adam Gilchrist + Ian Botham Shaun Pollock Shane Warne Curtly Ambrose Glenn McGrath Team 2 Graeme Smith * Matthew Hayden Kumar Sangakkara + Brian Lara...