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Search results

  1. Lokomotiv

    Major League Baseball

    Please write ÔTANI Syôhei.
  2. Lokomotiv

    Scottish Saltires

    So Cavan and Monaghan are not covered by any professional club?
  3. Lokomotiv

    Scottish Saltires

    Where are "North West" and "North" based on? Is there Ireland's national stadium? If yes, how large its capacity is?
  4. Lokomotiv

    Who are Lashings?

    Could the Lashings World XI be transformed to a non-permanent team like Baa-Baas or British-Irish Lions in Rugby Union?
  5. Lokomotiv

    Non-permanent world team for Cricket

    I strongly hope that a new team is added to Cricket -- a team like Barbarian FC in Rugby Union. Cricket's Baa-Baas play a memorial ODI match against the winners of T20 World Cup and memorial Test against the winners of ODI World Cup.
  6. Lokomotiv

    Should the rest of this series just be a preparation for Australia's subcontinent tours?

    Why so many Tests between England and Australia? There should be teams like British-Irish Lions or Baa-Baas in Rugby Union.
  7. Lokomotiv

    Scottish Saltires

    Which region does not have a professional club? Is there any sectarianism in Irish Cricket?
  8. Lokomotiv

    Scottish Saltires

    Scotland CC, a permanent professional club which is also de facto national team, is necessary.
  9. Lokomotiv

    Scottish Saltires

    Scotland and Ireland must have professional clubs (de facto national teams) and decent national stadiums for them.
  10. Lokomotiv

    Who are Lashings?

    Could you tell me who are Lashings? What kind of club are they?
  11. Lokomotiv

    ICC Men's Test Cricketer of the year

    Is there any planning for inauguration of Test World Cup?
  12. Lokomotiv

    Quinton de Kock has retired from test cricket

    There should be no change in 1st innings. The question is 2nd innings.
  13. Lokomotiv

    Group B - Bangladesh, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Scotland

    I hope restoration of Scottish Saltires.
  14. Lokomotiv

    Welcome to Cricket Web - Cricket Chat

    Could you tell me what "NET RR" is?
  15. Lokomotiv

    Who will win the T20 World Cup?

    Thank you. Could you tell me how Oman and UAE have become Cricket nations? UAE also hosts Rugby World Sevens and tried to make a strong Arabian Gulf team... Maybe king or someone was educated in England's Public School?
  16. Lokomotiv

    Who will win the T20 World Cup?

    There was no automatic qualification for hosts (UAE do not play, while Oman play in the tournament)?
  17. Lokomotiv

    Welcome to Cricket Web - Cricket Chat

    Could you tell me the recent average game time of T20I and ODI?
  18. Lokomotiv

    Scottish Saltires

    Was Scottish Saltires a professional club team? After Scottish Saltires, there is no professional club in Scotland? Does Ireland have any professional club? Is there any possibility for a Scottish-Irish professional club?
  19. Lokomotiv

    ICC World competitions

    ICC world competitions should be held in the H&A format. ICC Test World League ICC ODI World League ICC T20I World League ICC T20I World League is used for promotion to ICC ODI World League. ICC ODI World League is used for promotion to ICC Test World League. ICC T20I World League should have...
  20. Lokomotiv

    Change of Test/First Class Cricket

    Cricket and American Baseball I do not deny that. I am from a country in which the Cricket population is very very small in comparison with American Baseball.