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Search results

  1. Autobahn

    Non-Playing Cricket Fans

    Now during my short time on this forum i've noticed that a good deal of members tend to have played cricket at various levels and i just wondered having myself never played any level of orgainsed cricket (i'm 20 now so there's no chance of that changing) how many other people are regular cricket...
  2. Autobahn

    Twenty20 Burnout?

    Paul Marsh, the Australian Cricketers' Association chief executive talks about the burnout that an international Twenty20 championship. http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/australia/content/story/240023.html I mean would Twenty20 games really cause burnout? I mean because it's such a shorter form...
  3. Autobahn

    "Anyone but Little England"

    Looks like Dileep Premachandran doesn't like the english one bit. You can almost hear him foaming at the mouth. But are any of his comments justified? http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/wisdencricketer/content/story/238149.html
  4. Autobahn

    Difference between Legbreak and Legbreak googly?

    Often when looking up bowling averages i find sometimes that one leggie might have his bowling style down as LB (Legbreak) and another one as (LBG) Legbreak googly. Now why is this? Is a guy who has (LB) as his style officially known not to be able to bowl a googly or is there another reason?
  5. Autobahn

    What's this obsession with turn?

    In recent times whenever a new spinner has come along everyone is always focusing on how turn he gets like it's the only thing that matters with a spinner. And in fact one of insults always hurled at the England team by WUMs is along the lines of "OMG giles isn't a spinner because he doesn't...
  6. Autobahn

    An english winter season?

    Now before the jokes about bowlers using snowballs and umpires turning into snowmen are trotted out i would like to put forward an idea about constructing winter tours for the counties. At the moment it's pretty much upto the players to organise their winters either by playing grade-cricket in...
  7. Autobahn

    Future for the minnow

    Can you see any of the minnow teams (Bang/Zim) becoming worthy test teams in the near future? I think that Bangladesh might become a tricky team to beat at home especially if they get hold of a steady middle order which is good against spin and develop pitches to suit their spinners (much like...
  8. Autobahn

    Who here regularly goes to domestic games?

    I'm going to try and at visit two counties regularly next season hopefully. I hear a lot of australian domestic games are poorly attended am i right? What about other countries?