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Search results

  1. M

    Bes buys in ICC 2001?

    Younis Khan is awesome but expensive. I picked up Daniel Vettori cheap and he was great.
  2. M

    Overseas Player

    I have Younis Khan from Pakistan hes a bloody champ.
  3. M

    Hi !!

    He is.
  4. M

    ICC 2001 Cricketweb Tournament

    Yeh its ok if you drop out cybersmurf, sean has to that means as soon as brisley vs jamaica is played the second round will start, obviously there will be a wait so the following matches can be played now, Pinch Hitters vs Hindustan_Zindabad2002 Dinoswan vs Kiwimagic Truelegends vs Transformers...
  5. M

    ICC 2001 Cricketweb Tournament

    Jamaica will be back tomorrow i believe, I was told Dinoswan was away (perhaps he could have told me?) give him a few days if he is not back he will forfeit I believe Truelegends vs Smoothboyz has been played with Truelegends winning but i havent received a scorecard yet, still waiting for...
  6. M

    ICC 2001 Cricketweb Tournament

    Are you sure you haven't recieved the email? I sent it to everyone.
  7. M

    ICC 2001 Cricketweb Tournament

    The tournament has begun remember to send in screenshots.
  8. M

    ICC 2001 Cricketweb Tournament

    You should all recieve an email tomorrow telling you everything you need to know. The tournament will be declared open tomorrow.
  9. M

    ICC 2001 Cricketweb Tournament

    OK 1 more team then it will begin, in the first round two teams will recieve byes, the byes will be given in a random draw.
  10. M


    My brother got one stuck up his nose, we had to get it out with a hook.
  11. M


    We used to have some cool games together hey Primetime, only problem was all the hills on yours :P
  12. M

    ICC 2001 Cricketweb Tournament

    You may where a cup if you like
  13. M

    ICC 2001 Cricketweb Tournament

    Ok seeing as though we have just had a few more entries I am going to wait untill we have 16. Keep your ideas on the d/c situation coming.
  14. M

    ICC 2001 Cricketweb Tournament

    Ok I need one more entrant as I have taken myself out of the tournament due to team difficulties lol. What do you guys think should happen if somebody d/c's? Should they lose or should the game be replayed, we'll have a vote, majority wins.
  15. M

    What would you (the visitor) like to see more of?

    I need one more team to register as i am pulling out because my team will not be ready, as soon as another team signs up I will email details to everyone.
  16. M

    Season review - feedback

    Mate I reckon you should do nominations first then all the members can vote for who they think should win, I think best comeback should have been Justin Langer he has been incredible this summer after looking like he may never play another match for his country again.
  17. M

    The Socceroos

    Most of the groups have 2 good teams and 2 crap teams, with the exception of Englands group. My predictions for the teams to go through are: France Denmark Spain Paraguay Brazil Turkey Portugal South Korea Germany Cameroon Argentina England Italy Croatia Belgium Tunisia My tip to win the cup is...
  18. M

    International Test Cricket

    Come on guys remember we're not posting on Dan's site now so you dont have to kiss up lol!
  19. M

    How sad can you get?

    Don't worry i got the virus from saleem too, i know him and he's a nice guy and didn't know how the virus was sent but i know others who had the same thing happen. Saleem is clean.
  20. M

    Favourite commentator

    I actually liked the kiwi he was doing the AUS vs NZ matches this summer. Benaud and Holding are good.