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Search results

  1. open365

    We won the ****ign ashes

    **** all you Australian people. We won the ****ing ashes. THE ****ING ASHES PUT THAT IN YOURT PIKE AND SMOKE IT
  2. open365

    Who is the Best Test Bowler out of These 4?

  3. open365

    How good was Basil D'Oliveira?

    I just watched a documentary on the whole Basil D'Oliveira affair (Awesome viewing, anyone who hasn't seen it should look on BBC Iplayer for it) from the 1960s. Now, given that he's such a well respected person for matters not entirely down to batsmanship, it's slightly inevitable any...
  4. open365

    Video Analysis

    As Neil did it, i thought i might aswell link to my videos of cricketing shame for you all to laugh at. http://uk.youtube.com/profile?user=bowmanator.
  5. open365

    David Hussey

    What are people's (especialy the Australian's out there) opinions of David Hussey? From what i've seen and heard of him in the county championship the guy is ridiculously talented- scoring 272(234) and hitting 7 6s in 8 balls in a one day game for instance - and he's one of my favourite...
  6. open365

    Jayasuriya V Knight OD Batting

    Jayasuria is always spoken about on comentary as being this amazing one day batsman who's easily one of the best in the world. Who do you think is/was the better ODI batsman? Knight's record Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 4s 6s Ct St Tests 17 30 0 719...
  7. open365

    Is it just me that can't wait for the World Cup to end?

    I'm sick of the whole thing tbh, the intial stages were absolutely awful with the minnows playing and even the shock performances of Ireland and Pakistan isn't making it any better. The whole tournament is drawn out far too much, we're being overloaded with sub standard meaningless cricket...
  8. open365

    Your all time favourite sporting moments and why

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/european/1951291.stm My all time favourite sporting moment. Heineken cup semi-final, Leicester defending champions,1 point down, last play(s) of the game, Tigers get a penalty inside their own half close to the touchline. Two choices, go for the...
  9. open365


    Why when batsmen run a single and the ball is overthrown to the boundary do they get 5 but when a batsman hits a good shot, runs a single, the fielder dives on the boundary but knocks it over the rope, the batting side only gets 4? Is there a specific rule for overthrows?
  10. open365

    "Saddest moment of my cricketing life" - Sachin

    I'm on part 2 of the Sachin TV interview videos on youtube and they've just been talking about a world cup semi final against Sri Lanka (i think) that ended up with the Indian team in tears. The interviewer mentioned it had been adandoned or something, but if so, how come India lost? I'm confused.
  11. open365

    "Fielding is the most important part of cricket"

    Agree or disagree? I'm sick of being told by people(especialy coaches) that fielding is the most important part of cricket, it's simply not true. Now i know there isn't a MOST important aspect of cricket because batting and bowling are equaly important, but fielding is NOT the most vital skill...
  12. open365

    Is this a chuck?

    Well, since Rich did, i thought i mgiht aswell give it a shot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEgYQDIw6TI This is close to but not exactly what i look like in a match, the ground was very soft(It was the end of September) so i didn't run in of attack the crease as much as i try to normaly. I...
  13. open365

    Were Waquar Younis and Wasim Akram ever caught ball tampering?

    I know there was a lot of media speculation that they were cheats, but did they ever acctualy get caught red handed and fined?
  14. open365

    What happpens domestic wise during a world cup?

    What happens to a domestic schedule when a country hosts the world cup? Does it continues as normal? or do they take a break somewhere in the middle?
  15. open365

    Mohammad Zahid

    http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/pakistan/content/player/41299.html Does anyone remember this guy? I was down at the cricket club today with some mates and a 16 year old from the first team. We got talking about all the pros we've had at Liverpool, 06- SS Das 05- Grant Robinson 04- Francois...
  16. open365

    Howcome Dravid had never been accused of being Selfish?

    Dravid's record- http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/ci/content/player/28114.html Kallis' record- http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/ci/content/player/45789.html They have virtually identical records, yet one is accused of being selfish all the time,and the other is worshipped. Why?
  17. open365

    Rate This Series

    Ok, the ashes last year was a fantastic occasion for sport, and i don't think anyone can seriously argue that the next ashes will surpass 05 for public following and standard of cricket. This means that last years ashes will be the highest you can vote for-10. In case your still confused, vote...
  18. open365

    The ICC Will Ruin 20-20 for Everyone

    Is anyone else ****ed of with the way cricketing authorities are managing 20-20 cricket? It's becoming over-played,20-20 needs to be a special occasion,it needs to be origanal,there are more 20-20 internationals being played by the minute and with talk of a 20-20 world cup,where will it end? I...
  19. open365

    'Class is forever-Form is Temporary' Are there any exceptions?

    Is there any batsman/bowler in fairly recent times (1970s onwards) that have lost their form altogetgher. IE. If Hayden never recovered fromthe 30 innings streak without a 100 or Tendulkar never gets past 50 again.
  20. open365

    My diary for the 2006 season

    This is my cricket centered diary for the upcoming season,secrectly i'm hoping that this'll somehow make me a better player but if not,at least i'll be able to look back on this when i'm 20. This'll be different from Neil and Eddie's because i'm focusing almost entirely on my season as a...