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Search results

  1. OverratedSanity

    Glenn maxwell takes indefinite break from cricket to deal with mental health issues

    https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/27971825/glenn-maxwell-takes-indefinite-break-deal-difficulties-mental-health :( Hope he gets better
  2. OverratedSanity

    Dumb rule gets obvious fix

  3. OverratedSanity

    Best robelinda video titles/ descriptions

    The only thing in the world as good as a robelinda video is the titles and descriptions. Some of my favourites: - Glenn McGrath vs poor Virender Sehwag - 4 times violation of Sehwag's manhood - Match fixing Pakistani, 'THE RAT' Salim Malik, king of fixing, corrupt f*cker. Description: -...
  4. OverratedSanity

    Mohammad Amir retires from tests

    https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/27260793/mohammad-amir-announces-retirement-test-cricket Major wat @ that. Thought he was showing some flashes of his old self in recent series, especially in SA. However, I do admit to getting a kind of sick satisfaction in seeing him unable to get back...
  5. OverratedSanity

    Battle of the drawn test matches

    Nothing like a thrilling draw imo. No joke noms like SL 952 declared please. I'll run it with 32 nominations if there's enough interest.
  6. OverratedSanity

    Battle of the shots

    Didn't know what else to call it. Pick any one shot played by any batsman. One nomination per batsman to give non-Lara/Laxman batsmen a chance. The video for the shot in question is a must to be nominated. I'll start with VVS jumping 4 feet outside leg to drive Shane Warne through extra...
  7. OverratedSanity

    TPC likely to retire in November

    Herath may retire from international cricket in November - ESPNcricinfo I'm going to miss this glorious man so much.
  8. OverratedSanity

    Best in the world title belt history

    Since everyone was talking about when teams changed hands of the "no.1 team", was thinking what's been the history of the title for best player in the world? As in, during a stretch, that player was generally considered by almost everyone as the best in the world. Post WWI Best batsmen in the...
  9. OverratedSanity

    Best of 2017

    Is there a thread for this? Tests: Best batting performance: Pujara 92 vs Australia, Bangalore, or maybe Shai Hope twin tons vs England Best bowling performance: O'keefe 12fer vs India, Pune All round performance of the year: Shakib 10fer and 84 vs Australia Best series batting: Smith vs India...
  10. OverratedSanity

    When will the ICC decide to automate front-foot no-ball calls?

    This has been a problem for years. Umpires should either call every no-ball on field, or they shouldn't call no-balls at all and leave it up to the third umpire. Right now, they're doing something which is in an awkward area between the two. Sometimes, they call it on field (which as we saw...
  11. OverratedSanity

    Battle of the Wrestling promos

    Ok, let's do this. "Promos" as in a wrestler cutting a promo, not those PPV match promo videos (which actually could be a thread too). Must be on video to count. Send in noms. I'll get it started with a few obvious ones:
  12. OverratedSanity

    Sore losers

    Was reminded by someone of this Richie Richardson post match interview after WI lost the 95 series vs Australia. Got to be one of the least gracious losing speeches ever. Any others come to mind? India after Sydney 08 and the 654 times Australia cried about spinning pitches up there too. But...
  13. OverratedSanity

    AB de Villiers expected to retire from tests

    This is hardly a huge surprise, but thought it deserved a thread anyway. Should get the announcement over with and focus on the World Cup because I don't think delaying this further is helping anyone. AB de Villiers expected to retire from Test cricket | Cricket | ESPN Cricinfo
  14. OverratedSanity

    Lonwabo Tsotsobe suspended for match fixing

    Lonwabo Tsotsobe charged for corruption by CSA | Cricket | ESPN Cricinfo Hate all these greedy ****s.
  15. OverratedSanity

    Sharjeel, Irfan suspended from PSL for alleged spot fixing

    Didn't see a thread on this yet. Mohammad Irfan suspended from PSL for alleged involvement in spot-fixing
  16. OverratedSanity

    Trigger movements and backlifts AKA Why Joe Root is an aesthetically poor batsman

    I actually would like to keep digging tbh. A big part of what makes a batsman pretty to watch, for me atleast, is how he looks at the crease before he even plays the ball. How compact his stance is, how much flair his backlift has, how balanced he looks, how he shuffles his feet before...
  17. OverratedSanity

    Is the hook shot dying?

    You don't see it being played that often in tests now do you? Is it because of the top edges from the better bats carrying easier to long/fine leg instead of falling safely into the gaps?
  18. OverratedSanity

    Battle of the test innings played by batsmen currently less than 30 years old

    I think that's a convoluted enough title for a random battle. All test match innings played by batsman over 30 years old at the time of this post are disqualified. Limit of a maximum of 3 per player to give non-Rahane players a chance Off the top of my head, some of the worthy ones are...
  19. OverratedSanity

    Why a relative lack of great left arm pace bowlers?

    Cricket has always produced lots of ATG left handed batsmen (Sobers, Lara, Harvey, Sangakkara, Pollock, etc) and plenty of very very good ones too. It's a similar case with slow left arm bowlers, with Verity, Rhodes, Bedi, Wardle, Herath, etc among plenty of others. But on the pace bowling...
  20. OverratedSanity

    ***Official*** New Zealand in India 2016

    So, didn't realize this was so close. Barely 3 weeks to go till this begins 1st test: 22nd September, Kanpur 2nd test: 30th September, Kolkata 3rd test : 8th October, Indore Interesting selection of venues. No nagpur. Booooooooooooo. And there are 5 ODIs too I guess.